10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Ghost in the Shell

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Ghost in the Shell 1024 792 Tony Guo

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese media franchise that encompasses films, animated series, video games among others. The franchise was originally published as a manga series of the same name which was written and illustrated by the well-known Masamune Shirow. The franchise is one of the earliest anime out there with the manga having been first serialized way back in 1989. A much detailed review with all the information on its illustrious history is to be found on runrex.com. This article will however look to focus on its success in terms of marketing as we unearth 10 tips we can learn from it.

Ghost in the Shell has over the years had a very strong presence on social media and they continue to generate millions of interactions on social media platforms. They have over the years managed to diversify well and are in almost all of the major social media platforms which means that they have maximized on the gains that come with social media marketing. This is definitely worth learning.

Another marketing tip worth learning from Ghost in the Shell is how they have embraced the use of anime game-themed marketing, a technique that is discussed in detail on runrex.com. There are a number of games associated to this franchise including Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex which has two releases, one in 2004 and one in 2005. This has helped market the franchise amongst the gaming community and this route is one most brands are looking to exploit and is definitely worth learning.

Their use of blogs to market their brand is yet another tip we can learn from them. There are a decent number of well written, riveting blogs out there that discuss all matters Ghost in the Shell, including the games, anime series and films in the franchise. This as a marketing tool has been extremely successful as it has helped widen their fan base and is yet another tip worth learning.

As is discussed in great length on runrex.com, email marketing is a must-use platform for any brand doing marketing nowadays and Ghost in the Shell is no exception. However, where we can learn from them is how they have automated their email marketing campaign which has been extremely beneficial to their brand.

Another marketing tip we can get from them is on their contextual marketing campaigns. What this means is that all of their marketing campaigns have been extremely targeted to appeal to the right demographics in the right times. Since it is a global brand, their campaigns in Asia are very different to those in Europe and so on. This is yet another marketing tip worth learning.

They have not left the usual marketing platforms behind either as they are known to be up there with the best when it comes to licensed product marketing. This includes items such as sweaters, T-shirts as well as plush toys and figurines which as is revealed on runrex.com, is a very worthwhile marketing strategy and one worth learning from them.

The way they have managed to build authority with online discussion areas over the years is yet another teachable moment from them. It is always advisable to build a community around your brand and they are one of the best in doing this. They have managed to gain and expand a community around their brand which has been very good in terms of marketing.

They have also made sure that they have a substantial presence on Reddit which as is explained by experts on runrex.com, offers platforms for marketing. There are not only a lot of forums that discuss all matters Ghost in the Shell, but they have also managed to find the right subreddits for them and integrated them in their marketing strategy, which as a marketing tip is very much worth learning.

Their integration of user-generated content into their marketing strategies is yet another marketing tip that we ought to learn from them. This is usually the best way to spark interaction with prospective clients and members of your fan base while saving on money at the same time and on this they have thrived. A sizeable number of their marketing videos are user-generated, something we can learn from them.

The Ghost in the Shell marketing strategy is also very big on the use of influencer marketing. They have come to the conclusion that marrying their brand with the various influencers on the various social media platforms is something that will have a big influence on their marketing campaigns. This is a marketing tip that any brand worth their salt should be jumping on.

The above marketing strategies go a long way in explaining just why the marketing strategies of Ghost in the Shell have been so successful over the years and are definitely worth learning and implementing where possible. Remember, there is always more to learn on this and other topics by visiting runrex.com.