10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Full House K Drama

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Full House K Drama 1024 647 Tony Guo

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Full House K Drama

Comedy and romance have always gone well together and that is why romantic comedy series will always be popular. When you add to this some Korean touch, then the resulting production is the masterpiece that is Full House. Korean romantic comedy series don’t come bigger than this and the reviews and ratings go some distance in proving that. There is a much more detailed review of the drama including information on the cast on runrex.com, however for the purposes of this article we will attempt to look at the marketing side of its brand and try to identify a few pointers and tips we can learn from them.

This show was very popular not only at home but across the borders too and they took advantage of this by marketing their brand internationally. One thing we can learn from them is how they made sure their marketing campaigns were tailored to the different demographics where they were marketing. They even made sure that the ads were in the different native languages to catch as many fish as possible. This is a marketing tip worth learning.

Looking for advice on marketing, then look no further than runrex.com. one of the things they advise clients is to always make sure they make use of free marketing avenues. This is exactly what the folks at Full House did. They made good use of blogs which had huge followings that were focused on matters Korean drama. These blogs worked wonders for their marketing campaigns and is a marketing tip worth learning.

They also made sure that they licensed the manufacturing and distribution to as many retail chains as possible of their branded products like clothing items among other things. This proved to be quite the hit especially among their fans and this also went a long way in making their marketing campaigns very successful which is yet another tip worth learning.

Another marketing tip worth learning from Full House is how they made use of interest in them by various brands to close endorsement deals. They made sure that their stars were all over television adverts and on billboards which in as much as they were marketing other products, they ended up marketing the show as well. This is a tip worth learning given how beneficial it can be aligning yourself with other brands.

As is explained on runrex.com, the music industry can be a worthwhile ally when it comes to marketing your brand. The release of the Full House soundtrack album to the mainstream media was definitely a calculated move as a marketing gimmick. This opened the drama to whole new base of potential fans. They also licensed the show to be redone as a musical further marketing them to potential fans.

The use of user generated content in your marketing campaigns is usually very effective as it keeps your customers engaged with your brand. This is a marketing tip we can learn from Full House who went big on this. They had their fans make videos and even help in the design of product logos which is one of the things that led to the success of their marketing campaigns.

Another marketing tip worth learning from Full House is their mastery of contextual marketing. What this means is that their marketing strategies were always tuned to ensure they reached out and connected to their demographics. This means that they ads were always targeted to ensure that they didn’t go waste and that the right messages were delivered to the right people making this a tip definitely worth learning.

They also implemented loyalty programs into their marketing strategies. This was in a bid to make sure that their most loyal fans were rewarded for their loyalty especially when purchasing merchandise. This was genius as an idea as it made their customers feel appreciated and want to come back for more. It also made others want to be associated with them, making this yet another marketing tip worth learning.

The implementation of long form content in marketing strategies is something that is encouraged by the experts at runrex.com. Blogs can be useful, but for those dealing with content that needs extensive explanation like say a Korean drama then getting people to put out some long form content doesn’t hurt. Those who needed extensive information on their episodes knew they had somewhere to go and as a marketing tool it was quite successful.

They also made sure they struck a marketing deal with the location in which they filmed majority of their episodes. Given the popularity of the K drama, its filming location which was a house specifically built for this purpose as well as the surrounding area became a tourist attraction of sorts which only made the Full House K drama even more popular and as far as marketing goes this was a masterstroke.

The above are just some of the marketing tips we can learn from the Full House K drama with more on this and other topics to be found on the always reliable runrex.com.