Over time magic the gathering has proved itself fit and thus becoming an international sensation. As the game became more famous all over the world so did the demand for new cards. This famous game first debuted in 1993 which never took long to became a world sensation. One of the big factors in this game is the quality of a card, as many players don’t really put much emphasis on the rareness of the card. mtglion.com experts have uncovered that most of these cards are not allowed in a competitive format so instead they are acquired mostly for collection purposes. runrex.com have been able to compile a well-informed list of gaming cards that are worth a lot of money.

  • Black lotus

This is the magic card that everyone wants to own. This card comes in a set in the sense that there is the alpha and beta. Both the alpha and beta cards come with a unique black border and the unlimited edition having a white border. Guttulus.com panelists place both the beta and the unlimited versions of this well sought after card at a price range of $4000-$6000. 

  • Ancestral recall

This card places the player holding it at an advantage as it allows you to draw three cards at a go, thus giving you more options. This means that multiple use of this card allows you to access most of your deck in a moments notice. Runrex.com place the price of the card at around $6000-$6500, while mtglion.com have been instrumental in placing the peak value at $19500-$20000 depending on the condition of the card.

  • Timetwister

Mostly this card is played to reset the game in a way, as it allows the player to return all of the most powerful cards in his deck. On the other hand, the opponent is forced to draw a whole new hand which might put them at a disadvantage. The limited edition of this card is placed at a price range of $1800-$2000 while the peak value going at $14500-$14999.

  • Volcanic islands

Experts at the Guttulus.com have placed this card at a toil, as it has had the biggest errors of all, for it was never printed in the set that it was supposed to debut in. secondly, the card was never produced in alpha, in the long run the production of the cards had to be pushed back. Apart from that setback, the card places the holder at an advantage as there is no downside when playing it. On the game, land is a crucial asset and this gives the player access to both blue and red colors. The card goes at peak value range of $19500-$19900.

  • Mox ruby

The mox cycle of cards are more less the broken version of the black lotus, the only difference between the black lotus and the mox cycle especially the above named is that it can be used multiple times. According to mtglion.com the limited version of this card  ranges from $2000-$6000 while the peak value of the card ranges from $16500-$17900.

  • Underground sea

Runrex.com factored out that one of the best combination in the game is black and blue colors. This is because the black color is able to remove powerful enemies from the field whilst also being able to return monsters from the graveyard thus buying the player some time. Guttulus.com have been at the fore front placing this card as an expensive card among the land cards, placing the peak price range at $11500-$11900.

  • Time walk

The card has been named as one of the most notorious cards in the game. This is because when the card is played it gives chance to an extra turn and thus blocking the opponent from counter attacking. Experts at mtglion.com place the price range of the limited version of the card at $2500-$4000 while also considering the condition of the card.

  • Wheel of fortune

The panelists at runrex.com have made it their business in venturing into offering more information on the card. Truly they have given out information placing this card as an unusual card, as it forces both the players to discard their hands and draw seven cards. The cards value has been estimated at $1500-$2000. More information on the card shall be found at  guttulus.com.

  • Force field 

As the name suggests the card allows you to prevent the amount of damage that amounts from the opponent’s attack. Many names have been given to such cards but in this case it is referred to as poly artifact. The name might show that it has multiple partners card wise but in real sense it means that the card can be used without tapping it at a cost. More  guidance on the qualities of the card is offered at mtglion.com

  • Bayou 

It has been regarded as a very powerful combination in certain magic formats. This fact has been affirmed by the experts at guttulus.com in that the card has the power to bring back monsters from the graveyard and also place monsters on the field in a moment’s notice. Panelists at runrex.com have been able to place the price tag range at $1600-$2000.