10 Cosplay Artists Reveal How They Improved Over the Years

10 Cosplay Artists Reveal How They Improved Over the Years

10 Cosplay Artists Reveal How They Improved Over the Years 1024 641 Tony Guo

10 Cosplay Artists Reveal How They Improved Over the Years

Cosplay is when one dresses up as a fictional character in a book, film, or video game. It originated from Japan and can be said to be a form of performance art as the person imitating the fictional character has to do it not only in the dressing but also in the way they act so that the act can be seen as real. Today, cosplay has grown to not only being a part of the geek world but also part of ordinary life where massive costume enthusiasts have become cosplayers globally.  Information on cosplay is also now available on online in sites such as mtglion.com which has led to more acceptance of the art by society.

Cosplayers are not born knowing how to come up with the perfect costume, but with hard work, dedication, and practice many of them have perfected the art of dressing like their favorite characters. In the last months, cosplay has been trending on Twitter and other social media platforms with cosplayers around the globe sharing their photos of their improvement in cosplay over the years under the trending hashtag #cosplayevolution. This move has encouraged many not to give up on their dreams. Below are 10 artists that revealed their cosplay evolution over the years.

Alyson Tabitha

Alyson Tabbitha shared her cosplay journey with her before and after photos dressed like Mar Depp. The before-photo that was taken in 2008 and the after-photo was a more recent photo taken last year. The evolution is remarkable as she has gotten better with time. Reception from her fans of how good she had become at cosplay was overwhelming.


Galacticat costume where she was dressed as San showed a huge improvement and there was a new confidence that could be seen from her more recent photo. The more recent photo taken in 2015 showed an impressive improvement regarding the materials used to make the costume and the weathering compared to the before cosplay photo taken in 2007.

Kinpastu cosplay

The cosplayer showed photos of her in a Queen of Pain Dota 2 costume. In the first photo, the costume was made in 2013, and according to her, it took 2 to 3 months to come up with the costume. The second photo was taken in 2017 with her in an Alexstrasa costume that took her two weeks to make. She has not only gotten better at making the costumes, but she also looks amazing. The cosplayer has gotten better at her skill and even used body paint in the more recent photo. The improvement over the four years is remarkable.


The cosplayer provides photos of him in costumes made 20 years apart. The first one was made when he was a young boy by his parents. The second one twenty years later is a Grey Warden of dragon age costume made by him. The progress over the years in his skill in cosplay is amazing.


In this transformation, the Joker encourages others to pursue their dreams as he has done in the before-2012 photo and after-2017 photo. The cosplayer agrees that sometimes your goals might seem unobtainable, but with hard work and dedication, one can achieve them. His cosplay before and after photos prove that this statement is true.


The cosplayer posts his 2012 costume of Kuzco 1.0 from Acen costume and 2017 Kuzco 2.0 from Colossalcon costume. The transformation is visible from the material used and the way the fabric is more accurate on the body. There is also the addition of the armor and the hat in the second photo making the character more real.


Caleighallen posted her before and after photos dressed up in different costumes. In the first photo taken in 2008, the cosplayer is in the company of other cosplayers dressed in Sailo Moon costumes which they made themselves. The second photo taken in 2017 is her in a better costume, and the transformation in her skills is visible. The cosplayer reflects on her evolution and the progress she has made over the years not only regarding her looks but also mentally and emotionally encouraging others to keep working hard to achieve their dreams.


Reisuzukicosplay posted photos of her over the years showing the progress she had made in her art. The photos are of her dressed as different characters. The 2005 photo was her first attempt at cosplay where she is dressed as Lust Fullmetal Alchemist. The second photo taken in 2010 was of her dressed as Hibari Kyoya. The 2015 photo shows her dressed as Impa Hyrule warrior and the most recent 2017 photo shows her as Princess Peach in Super Marion series. She states that each one of us starts with no experience and practice makes someone better at what they do.

Mai_mai cosplay

The two photos of the cosplayer show her evolution in cosplay in five years. The photos are of the same character Rin Kagamine but taken five years apart. One in 2012 while another was taken in 2017. The improvement in the character over the years is there for everyone to see.

Bethiichan cosplay

The before and after photos were taken in 2003 and 2017 respectively. The costume the cosplayer is wearing in both photos is that of the Fire Fairy. The evolution is very interesting as the costume on the second photo is on point. The material is different; there is the addition of the armor, neck corset among other items.