Who Plays Elsa Frozen 2

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Who Plays Elsa Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is only like 2 months away and we can’t deal. We all, as fans of the Frozen franchise, can’t wait for November 22nd, which is the official release date of Frozen 2, to head over to our local cinema and get our fix. It has been a long time coming as it is now 6 years since the original Frozen movie was released back in 2013, with more on the original movie to be found over at mtglion.com. Back then, we knew it was something special the moment we saw it for the first time, from the characters that made us fall in love to the addictive soundtracks, especially the hit “Let it Go” to the plot and the setting; everything about it was right out of the top drawer. In fact, it was so good that Disney did something they normally don’t do, and that is announce that we will be getting a sequel, Frozen 2. One of the things we looked at as soon as the announcement was made was on the cast so that we would find out who was playing, or voicing in this regard, our favorite characters. We wanted to know if the old cast would make a comeback. Of all the characters, Elsa has to be the most difficult to capture as she has great poise given she is in fact a princess but she also has some vulnerability about her, as per the gurus over at guttulus.com. This is why it is important to get a clue of who is going to play her in Frozen 2. In that regard, this article has you covered as this is exactly what it will look to get to highlight.

The good news as far as who plays Elsa in Frozen 2 goes is that it will be Idina Menzel. This is excellent news since she put on a clinic when she played Elsa in the original Frozen movie, as per the subject matter experts over at guttulus.com, and as such we were all hoping she would return for the sequel. We all know about Menzel and about how she took to singing at a young age as a reaction to those who used to mock her for her talents. The fact that she not only got the part of Elsa in the original Frozen movie but she also sang the movie’s hit, “Let it Go”, that won an Oscar as well as a Grammy, as is covered in detail over at the highly regarded mtglion.com, was one of the feel-good moments as far as the original movie was concerned and why we were hoping she would return and we all got our wish granted. She was masterful in her voicing of Elsa in the first movie, as well as for her singing and we are more than excited to have her back, as are all of the fans of the Frozen franchise.

She was actually one of the first of the cast to let us know of the trailer for Frozen 2 as she tweeted about it, a tweet that generated lots of interest and excitement. It seems that her tweet had the desired effect as within hours, the trailer for Frozen 2 was trending on YouTube and was among the most talked about videos on there as is covered in detail over at mtglion.com. As we speak, the trailer has got well over 35 million views on YouTube, and counting. Menzel has thereafter continued to build our excitement of the movie through comments she has made of it in the media. For instance, she has spoken about how Elsa will continue going from strength to strength from being initially introverted and guarded due to fear that her powers may be harmful, to the strong and determined woman in Frozen 2 who appears determined to uncover the origins of her powers as well as save the kingdom. As is discussed in detail over at guttulus.com, Idina Menzel has revealed that Frozen 2 will be mostly about the journey by Elsa of self-discovery and about discovering more about herself from the origin of her powers to more on her parents and so much more.

As can be found over at mtglion.com, Idina Menzel has also weighed on the discussions surrounding Elsa and if she will get a girlfriend in Frozen 2. She gave her blessing to this, something fans of the movie were happy to see as they had been campaigning for Elsa to get a girlfriend on Frozen 2 for the longest time, even getting the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend trending. She obviously didn’t confirm that it was going to happen, but she was enthusiastic about the idea calling it a wonderful idea and saying that it was great that people were having conversations about a Disney princess being gay, with more on her comments to be found over at guttulus.com. Her performance on Frozen 2 and her voicing of Elsa as well as her singing are some of the things we are eagerly anticipating as far as the movie goes.

As ever, if you need more information about Frozen 2, from the cast to the plot and so much more, then make sure you head over to the highly regarded mtglion.com and guttulus.com