Who Plays Anna Frozen 2

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Who Plays Anna Frozen 2

Frozen was one of those movies that took the movie world, especially when it comes to animated movies, by storm. Even by Disney standards, and we know how much of a behemoth it is in this field, Frozen eclipsed all expectations. Back when it was released in 2013, as is discussed in detail over at the excellent mtglion.com, it had everything from the plot to the characters, the perfect casting, the soundtrack and so much more. It was therefore no surprise that it was the biggest movie that the Disney animation division had seen in a very long time. This was shown by how much critical acclaim it got, the awards it won from Oscars to a Grammy for the movie’s hit, “Let it Go” as well as the fact that the movie’s two main characters, Anna and Elsa, have since become a big part of pop culture with the fans of the movie growing by the day. We all know that Disney usually don’t like to release sequels of their blockbuster movies, as is discussed in detail over at guttulus.com, but if there was a movie that was going to be the exception, then it was always going to be Frozen. This is why it came as no surprise when we had Frozen 2 was on the way. With this announcement came many questions, key among them being who were going to be members of the cast. We all wanted to know who were going to play our favorite characters including Anna. Well, this article will look to help with this as it will look to take a look at who plays Anna in Frozen 2.

The good news here is that Kristen Bell will be reprising her role as Anna in Frozen 2 and given her fantastic performance in the original Frozen movie, details of which can be found over at the excellent mtglion.com, then this is great news indeed. Avid fans of Kristen, like me, know her from Veronica Mars, the teen mystery drama television series that began to air way back in 2004, whose theme song, “We Used to Be Friends” was as unforgettable as “Let it Go” was in the first Frozen movie. When we heard she was joining the cast of Frozen, we were all excited and were looking forward to see what she would bring to the movie and she didn’t let us down, delivering quite the masterful performance that helped us fall in love with the princess Anna of Arendelle. She also performed the songs, “For the First Time in Forever”, “Love is an Open Door” as well as “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” to critical acclaim. Her romantic relationship with Kristoff was also one of the great things about the movie and one we are all looking forward to in Frozen 2, especially since there are those who already speculating that the two could already have children together, as per discussions over at guttulus.com. We will have to wait and see how their relationship proceeds in Frozen 2.

We are glad to see Kristen back to voice Anna in Frozen 2 especially since the projects she has done since her role in 2013 have all served to whet our appetites. She has since made appearances in The Good Place as well as making an appearance in Veronica Mars. She is definitely the right choice to carry on with the role of voicing Anna in Frozen 2 especially since it seems we will be seeing a different Anna in Frozen 2 as compared to the original movie, as is discussed in detail over at mtglion.com. Here, Anna appears to be a bit more forthright, courageous and even knows how to use a sword from what we have seen from the trailer, revealing a more fearless side to her. As such, there appears to be no better candidate that embodies these qualities better than the fearless Kristen Bell. She should also help bring forward the journey of Growth Anna is likely to be on, like is the case with most of the characters in Frozen 2, especially when it comes to her relationship with her sister, Elsa, and her boyfriend, Kristoff, as had been mentioned above and as is discussed in detail over at the excellent guttulus.com.

Another thing we love about Kristen Bell coming back to voice Anna in Frozen 2 is due to the fact that she gave a full blessing to Anna’s sister, Elsa, getting a girlfriend in Frozen 2, a topic that is covered in detail over at mtglion.com. This is excellent news as this is something that us, as fans of the franchise, have been hoping and campaigning for and as such it is pleasing to see the main players are behind the idea. As is evident in discussions over at guttulus.com, most fans can’t wait to see what Kristen Bell has in store for us as she plays Anna in Frozen 2.

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