Who are the Two New Characters in Frozen 2?

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Who are the Two New Characters in Frozen 2?

When it comes to the movie world, there can be no denying that Disney is one of the giants, with its animated musical movies being consistently critically acclaimed while also being extremely popular among movie fanatics out there. No instance has this been apparent than when Frozen was released some 6 years ago way back in 2013 to critical acclaim, wining hearts and minds with everything about it from the plot, the characters to the soundtrack and so much more as is covered in detail over at mtglion.com. From then on, it was clear that a sequel for the movie was in order and when it was announced that Frozen 2 was in the pipeline excitement levels went up as fans could barely conceive their sense of anticipation. Once the trailer came out earlier this year, the levels of anticipation were ramped up even further. With this however, came a lot of questions about Frozen 2 from what it is going to be about, whether Arendelle is still frozen, whether all our favorite characters will return and especially questions on whether or not Elsa will get a girlfriend, something that is addressed in detail over at the excellent guttulus.com. It is this last question that made us realize that the trailer actually had two new characters, with most people speculating that one of them was Elsa’s love interest. When you add to this the fact that it has been confirmed that two new voice actors are joining the cast, then it is clear that Frozen 2 will have two new characters; but who are they? Well, this article should come in handy as it will look to have this question answered for your benefit.

From the what we can gather from the trailer, there will surely be two new characters as we can see from it two characters; one a brown-haired female character with the other one being less clear, especially since they appear to be thrown up in the air by what appears to be a tornado of leaves as is explained over can be seen over at the excellent guttulus.com. Speculation is already rife as to who these two new characters are, with the first thought that seems to be crossing people’s minds being that that the two may be Anna and Kristoff’s children. Most people are actually speculating that the two may be twins given that it seems that they are about the same age. The reason for this is because most people are saying that the two actually resemble Anna and Kristoff and are using this to justify why they think the two may be the children of these two characters as is revealed in discussions over at the highly regarded mtglion.com.

Given that we know that Elsa and Anna’s parents will make an appearance in Frozen 2, there are those that have been speculating that these two characters could be them. As per the subject matter experts over at mtglion.com, we know that Elsa and Anna’s parents will be making a comeback in Frozen 2 as Iduna and Agnarr, who are the original queen and king of Arendelle are listed among the cast. Evan Rachel Wood has even actually been confirmed to be voicing Iduna. This could be one explanation, with their mom being portrayed as having a wind/autumn power to go with Elsa’s frozen power. This could go some way and play a part in the journey of us finding out what the source of Elsa’s powers are and could be one way to look at it as far as the movie’s two new characters are concerned. Given that it has already been confirmed that there is going to be a new character known as Lieutenant Matthias, as is discussed in detail over at guttulus.com, there are those that think that the male character that is seen in the trailer being blown up with a bunch of leaves could be him. This, again, can’t be verified as we know very little about Lieutenant Matthias, apart from the fact that he will be voiced by Sterling K. Brown. There is very little information about him so far, including on what his role will be in the movie. It is however unlikely that he is one of these two new characters seen in the trailer.

There are also those who are speculating, as per discussions over at guttulus.com, that the female character could be the autumn version of Elsa, which is plausible but not confirmed yet. Given the talk on Elsa’s love interests and whether or not show will get a girlfriend, there are those who are speculating that the female character may be her love interest. This however is tempered by the fact that it seems unlikely, as mentioned above and discussed in detail over at the excellent mtglion.com, that Elsa would date someone that has a striking resemblance to her sister. Given that from the trailer, the movie appears to be lacking a traditional Disney villain, then probably one of them, if not both could be that villain. I guess we will have to wait to find out about these two new characters when we get more information on them.

Remember, there is more to be uncovered on this very wide topic and then some by checking out both the excellent mtglion.com and guttulus.com.