Where to Learn PPC in 2019? 10 Places

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Where to Learn PPC in 2019? 10 Places

The ability to be able to promote businesses and companies on search engines like Google and on Amazon is something that is crucial for their online revenue streams. This is why PPC marketers are so important, with a detailed write-up on the concept of PPC to be found on runrex.com. This is why it is important to learn all about PPC, according to the folks on bitgale.com. This article will therefore look to highlight 10 places where you can learn about Pay-Per-Click in 2019.


While this online learning platform isn’t free, given that it specializes on expert led training makes it the perfect place to learn PPC. They also have a free trial, which you can use to sort of test drive this platform to see if it is a fit for you. They cover everything PPC from the beginner level to advanced level, teaching advanced techniques at a monthly fee of just over $20.00. There is more information on this platform to be found on mtglion.com.

Google AdWords

Given that Google is the biggest player in the world of PPC advertisements, learning about PPC from them is something highly recommended by the folks at runrex.com especially going into 2019. This is because they will help you learn the Google AdWords platform inside out, learn any new features and techniques that may be emerging going into 2019. The materials are free, with the course being self-paced which means you can learn at your own speed until you feel you are sorted.


The fact that this online learning platform updates their classes every year makes it definitely worth checking out when looking to learn PPC in 2019, given you are sure you will be learning the attest techniques and tips. It is affordable to sign up and it comes very highly rated by experts in this field like those at bitgale.com, making it one of the best platforms to learn PPC from especially going into 2019.


This is one of the most trusted online learning sites, with notable brands and experts like those at mtglion.com giving it a big thumbs-up. They have an absolutely huge facility of PPC learning material that covers every facet of this field. The fact that you don’t necessarily have to be their customer to access majority of these learning materials makes them a great place to learn PPC in 2019. They also have webinars on the same which should help you even further when looking to get acquainted to PPC, making them worth checking out.

CXL Institute

This is a site that is for the folks who are already familiar with the basics and as such can be able to create PPC frameworks. What they now need is the ability to be able to optimize their work in such a way that boosts conversion rates. They offer next level training through detailed articles, workshops, conferences and courses. As is explained on runrex.com in its review, some of their employees are trained by Google which comes with the guarantee that you are learning from the cream of the crop as far as marketing and PPC is concerned.

PPC Hero

They are basically a one-stop shop for everything PPC and there is no better place to learn about PPC going into 2019. This is because they have toolkits, webinars and detailed educational blog posts on all matters PPC for you to learn from. It is clear from the discussions on bitgale.com that the huge amount of learning materials on PPC to be found here makes this platform worth checking out in 2019.

Bing Ads

Bing is obviously owned by the tech company, Microsoft which means that any learning material here is absolutely top of the line if reviews by the folks on mtglion.com on the same are anything to go by. If you are looking to learn about Bing PPC ads, then look no further than this platform. Given that Bing are one of the emerging forces as far as PPC is concerned, then this is a place definitely worth considering when looking to learn PPC in 2019.


The fact that by learning PPC on this platform, one gains an industry-recognized certification on the same is why you should consider learning PPC here in 2019. They offer a 10-course system the covers everything from content, SEO, analytics, mobile to PPC. They also have webinars every week and access to pre-recorded ones for those looking for more learning material. This platform is highly recommended at runrex.com.


If you are interested in getting to know how to create landing pages that convert and successful PPC campaigns, then this is the place for you. As explained on bitgale.com, they offer a number of courses to choose from depending on the level of knowledge on PPC you have, as well as multiple webinars and blogs.

PPC Blog

Another great online platform that provide valuable learning resources on matters PPC, and especially on AdWords. They have a training page that has the requisite material one needs to learn all about PPC in 2019 and the quality of their material is highly recommended on mtglion.com, definitely worth checking out.

The above are some of the best places you can learn PPC from in 2019 with more information on these platforms to be found on the always reliable mtglion.com as well as bitgale.com and runrex.com.