Top 5 Fire Emblem Three Houses Male Characters

Top 5 Fire Emblem Three Houses Male Characters 684 456 Tony Guo

Top 5 Fire Emblem Three Houses Male Characters

We have now had enough time with Fire Emblem Three Houses on our Nintendo Switch consoles to be able to make judgments on the various aspects of the game, especially since it was released in late June earlier this year. Of course there is a lot we could talk about as far as the game is concerned from the various classes and so much more, but for the purposes of this article we are going to talk about the various characters in the game, male characters to be specific. There are of course a lot of various characters in the game, each with their own pros and cons as is covered by the gurus over at, some more of each than the other, and the same applies to the various male characters there are in the game. Obviously, if you have played the game, then you know of the importance of choosing and recruiting the right characters to your house as you look to lead them to victory in the battlefield and that is why we think this article will be of great help as it will look to highlight the top 5 male characters that are in the game with the hope that it will be of great help in choosing things like romance options as well as recruiting characters to your house.


Sylvain is definitely one of the best characters in the game period, let alone when talking about male characters alone. One of the things that makes him so popular is the fact he is a character who actually fits in well in to the cavalry classes. When paired with Leonie especially, he really becomes very impressive and is a massive asset in the battlefield. His ability, known as Philanderer, allows him to deal +2 extra damage to foes during combat when he is adjacent to a female ally character. This is why the gurus over at recommend pairing him with Leonie so that they can both receive their bonuses at the same time and why those two are so formidable as a duo. This lethal combination with Leonie is something that makes Sylvain a must-have when going into battle.


Claude is among the three lords in the game, and as such we can’t be surprised that he is among the game’s top male characters. One thing that stands out as far as he is concerned is how well-rounded his stats actually are, which makes him suitable for whatever recruitment strategy you have in place. His stats growth is also very impressive which is yet another thing he has going for himself, and what makes him worth considering when it comes to the top male characters in the game. As an archer, and given that in Fire Emblem Three Houses archers are very powerful, he is a big asset in the battlefield and one that is very much worth having along for your adventure.


Affiliated to the Blue Lions faction, he is yet another very impressive male character in the game and definitely among the games very top male characters. Even though as one of the house leaders he can’t be recruited, something that is covered in detail over at, he is still a massive asset in the game for those that choose to go with their houses. He has a very honest and sincere look on him, but he actually has secrets underneath all that and that makes him very interesting as a character. His chivalrous nature is another thing that has contributed to his popularity amongst the game’s players. Given he is a mounted unit, he is a very useful asset in the game and definitely amongst the game’s top male characters.


When we are talking about the game’s top male characters, we can’t fail to mention the Blue Lions faction affiliated Felix. He is an extremely charming character who has a way with his words, which can sometimes get him into trouble, and probably why we like him so much. His bonus allows him to mete out more damage to opponents when battalions are unequipped. Given also that he is a master swordsman, is another thing that works so well for him as it allows him to be able to have someone killed in the battlefield. He is without doubt one of the game’s top male characters.


Ferdinand is affiliated to the Black Eagles faction, and his default class is Noble, and he is definitely yet another one that is worth considering among the game’s top male characters. His competitive nature, which is to be expected from someone who comes from a noble family, is one of the things about him that we absolutely like. His competitive streak is so established that he even considers Edelgard as his rival and always looks to challenge her when he can. One of the game’s very impressive characters and definitely among the game’s top male characters; something the gurus over at agree with.

The above are what we consider the game’s top male characters, so who are yours? Well, you can head over to for information and profiles of all the game’s characters and zero down to your top ones.