Top 10 Fire Emblem Three Houses Characters

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Top 10 Fire Emblem Three Houses Characters

If you love tactical role-playing games, then you know all about Fire Emblem Three Houses. Fans of the Fire Emblem series for sure know about the game and it is one they have been waiting for eagerly since it was announced. In this series, it is the first for home consoles since Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn was released way back in 2007 so you know, for fans of this franchise, it was a long time coming. Since its release in late June of this year, we have had time to play it and interact with the characters in the game, of which there is a large pool to choose from, and know we are in a position to be able to talk about them. it is important to know who the top characters are as this is the only way we can be able to know which characters are actually worth it when it comes to acquiring and training them. This article should therefore come in handy as we will look to highlight the top 10 characters in the game.


If you are looking for a mage when playing the game, then she is the one to go far as we have found her to be one of our favorites in the game. While her starting stats may not be off the charts, when it really matters, when you are looking for late-game power, she really comes through and elevates herself to unbeatable levels. If you are looking to recruit her and reap the benefits that come with having her, then you should focus on Magic and Faith.


Another one of our favorite characters, and definitely one of the game’s top characters, and she is yet another one that is worth recruiting. She is a very solid unit, which is to be expected for one of Fire Emblem Three Houses’ three lords, with the other two covered in detail over at the ever reliable She also boasts some very impressive stat growths which is yet another thing that makes her one of the game’s top characters and one that will be a good recruit if you go for her.


Speaking of the game’s three lords, he is another and another one of the game’s top characters. He is well rounded stats-wise with his stats growth being impressive as well. Given that in the game archers are very formidable and strong, recruiting him is definitely something that you should look to do. One that that needs to be said about him is that, if you want him, then you have to choose his house, as is the case for Edelgard actually. He represents his house really well however and he is very much worth recruiting especially since you don’t need that much effort to raise him.


He is yet another house leader and definitely another of the game’s top characters without any doubt as per the subject matter experts over at He is a great cavalier, aided by the fact that he sees great growth when it comes to strength, dexterity, defense and speed. Mounted units have always been good in this game and he is no exception and he is definitely another one worth recruiting.


She is yet another very impressive character in the game who is excellent in both offense and defense roles. What makes her so good is due to the fact that when adjacent to male allies, she is able to deal increased damage to foes, as well as preventing enemies from counterattacking when using combat arts. She is definitely one of the top characters in the game and one that is very much worth recruiting.


Yet another one of the game’s top characters and definitely one of our favorites when we were playing the game. The fact that he is master swordsman makes him the perfect character when you are looking to get anyone killed in the game. You can learns more about Felix and Byleth in general by heading over to the ever reliable


If you are looking to smash this game, then you definitely need the powerhouse medic that is Mercedes. Her natural affinity for Faith and Reason also makes her great Bishop or Gremory material. She is definitely a must have character due to the fact that you can use her to heal your units. It is also worth noting that to recruit her, you will need to focus strongly on Bows and Magic.


Yet another of the game’s top characters, especially since you can recruit her to Byleth’s house even though she works for the Church of Seiros. She is also a great marksman and it is no wonder that she is extremely popular by players and well-reviewed by the subject matter experts over at The fact that she is one of the game’s best archers also contributes in making her extremely popular in the game.


Her versatility is what makes her one of the game’s top characters, especially since she is able to fit into nearly any role in the game. Her skill set also allows her to advance through the soldier class of skills making her yet another one of the game’s most valuable characters.


She is an extremely powerful soldier who specializes in a several fields from lance, bows and even riding skills, and she is definitely one of our favorites in the game. She is definitely worth recruiting and if you are looking to do so, then you should focus on strength and lance.

The above are what we think are the top 10 Fire Emblem Three Houses characters, and you can learn more on the game’s characters and the game in general by visiting the ever reliable