Top 10 Female Fire Emblem Characters

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Top 10 Female Fire Emblem Characters

Fire Emblem is an increasingly popular tactical role-playing game franchise. It is published by Nintendo while it was developed by Intelligent Systems. It is a highly tactical game and it has some very strong female characters. This article will look into highlighting ten of the strongest of those female characters.


She is featured in the Fire Emblem Awakening title. She is quite young compared to the other girls in the series but she has excellent sword skills, fantastic stats and she is highly determined. She attempts to go back to the past using portals in order to prevent a future where Grima, a powerful evil being, has been resurrected and can’t be defeated since that future is without one of the Fire Emblem Gemstones. Her story line is fantastic and she is surely one of the greatest female characters in the game.


She features in the title Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Affectionately known as Lyn by her fans, she was probably the first female character those of us from the west got to know as she features in the 7th title of the series, which was the first one that really got through to us not from Asia. She has fantastic sword skills as can be expected from a Lord Class, and her sword skills become even better once she acquires the legendary blade Mani Katti. In fact, her sword skills become the best of any character in the game. She is so good that she has featured in other Fire Emblem titles and not only that but can be summoned to.


Although she is from the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon title, this red headed girl is a recurring character in the series as she appears in every title apart from Gaiden. As she is usually known for taking up a supporting role, she has been a guide, an arena host and most popularly a merchant. She has a wide variety of armaments and weapons depending on the title in the series she is featuring which makes her quite popular in the series and worth being in this list.


She is known mainly form the title Fire Emblem: Fates which is one of the most complex titles with a large story and multiple possible endings and paths available to take. However, in all this there is one constant, Azura. Her stunning long blue hair and mystic make her one of the most easily recognizable girls in the series. Her ability as a songstress makes her a valuable asset in the series as her singing can enable a unit to get another turn and be able to act twice, this is very valuable in the battle field. It makes her yet another very impressive female character in the series.


She originally hails from Fire Emblem 1 also known as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Her humanoid appearance might not look all that but being a shapeshifting dragon means that she is one you don’t want to cross. The fact that she usually shows up as a purveyor of wisdom makes her an important asset in the battle field apart from her undoubted prowess when it comes to fighting. She is therefore worth being considered as one of the top female Fire Emblem characters.


She is from the Fire Emblem: Fates which is a title with quite a lot of female characters but there is a line of thought that she may be one of the best there. She is popular mainly because of her weird brother/sister complex and stunning looks which definitely help her garner popularity. Brandishing an axe so large that it is nearly her size and riding on a Wyvern, she is not just looks but also a very tough and fearsome warrior. Her importance on keeping her brother or sister depending on your choice, Corrin, safe and all round contribution makes her one of the great female characters.


She is popularly from the title Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Known as being a mentor for Ike who is the main protagonist of Path of Radiance, her white and red armor and giant axe make her one of the fiercest characters in the series. She also has an interesting backstory of tough upbringing which helps in making her strong and definitely one of the top female characters in the series.


She is from the title Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. She is incredibly tough for a priestess and her weaponry make her a dangerous prospect to come against. That is because she comes wielding both a small dagger and tomes making her lethal both from long range and up close. She has the right blend of a tough past, humility and toughness makes her worth considering among the top female characters in the Fire Emblem series.


Popularly known from Fire Emblem: Awakening she is one dark Mage you don’t want to mess with. Given that she has the ability to wield some of the most powerful dark tomes including Nosferatu she has the capabilities to lay her enemies to waste without breaking a sweat. Whether she is casting spells or just battling she is one you don’t want to cross and definitely among the top female characters around.

Female Corrin

Since the developers started to allow players to create their own custom avatars it has helped make the game more interesting. However, the female Corrin still remains one of the most popular characters in the series as you can customize her to your tastes. She also has the ability to both yield swords and transform herself into a mighty dragon. If you happen to choose her over the male version then you will find her worth it, another one who is worth being considered as one of the top female characters in the series.

The above characters combine great beauty with a toughness and great fighting skills making them some of the best female characters in the Fire Emblem series. There are of course a lot more female characters to explore and a lot more to learn from the series and much more and you can do this by visiting