Top 10 Female DC Comics Characters

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Top 10 Female DC Comics Characters

Most of us, as is revealed in discussions on the same over at, got into the DC universe due to our love for Batman and Superman. Once in though, we all discovered that the DC universe has a lot of amazing female characters, who are as strong as they are gorgeous, all of whom are covered in detail over at Whittling down the many female DC comics is not an easy thing to do given how amazing all of them are, in their own special way. This article, with the help of the subject matter experts over at, will look to help with that by highlighting the top 10 female DC comics characters.

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is without doubt one of the most iconic and the greatest female superhero ever created ad definitely has to be near the top of anyone’s list of the top female DC comics characters, if not at the very top as per the gurus over at Not only is she extremely strong physically, she also has tremendous mental strength and determination, which means she can overcome even the slimmest of odds. She is a great warrior, and an all-round inspiration living up to her “Wonder Woman” moniker.


As is also covered over at, she is half-human, half-demon and she is one of the oldest DC comics characters, having made her debut back in 1980 in DC Comics Presents, as discussed in detail over at She is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, which is to be expected as she is the daughter of the powerful demon Trigon, who is one of DC comic’s most ruthless villains. She is always fighting to keep herself in control and keep the demon within her in check, and she is definitely one of the most interesting DC comics characters.

Power Girl

She is a better, stronger and more refined version of Supergirl, and as is also covered over at, she is Superman’s cousin which adds to her charm. She is also from an alternate universe and as such the weakness of Kryptonite doesn’t affect her, meaning that she has little to no weaknesses. She is the ultimate superheroine, with the fact that she has numerous victories over Supergirl under her belt showing ow powerful she is.


If you love the Teen Titans, and most of us do, then Starfire is probably your favorite. She is absolutely gorgeous, from her innocent looks to her exquisite outfits, but you underestimate her at your own peril given that she is supposed to be the most powerful of the Teen Titans, as per the gurus over at She has abilities galore, from her ability to fly at super-fast speeds to her unbelievable strength and so much more, she is the perfect blend of beauty, brains and power and definitely deserves to be considered among the top DC comics characters.


Even though she is Superman’s kid cousin, she has managed to step out of his shadow and become a popular superheroine in her own right, something the folks over at agree with. She also has all of Superman’s powers, which means she is just as devastating and strong as her older relative. She is an iconic figure in the DC world and has to be mentioned whenever one is discussing top DC comics female characters.


Having made her debut in 1940 in the first issue of Batman as covered over at, she is one of the most iconic DC characters. Her relationship with Batman, particularly as she is a thief at heart, has always intrigued us fans, with the same applying to her tragic past which made all of us fall in love with her. Selina Kyle, as she is also known, is also one of the hottest DC comics female characters, with her Catwoman suit being as stunning as it is iconic, even inspiring one of Serena William’s outfits in the French Open a couple of years back.


Although she has all your run-of-the-mill superhero powers from super strength to super speed and so forth as covered over at, what makes her really special is her ability to resist magic and its effects, using her mace to nullify even the most powerful of operators including Doctor Fate. The fact that she is magic-resistant makes her one tough woman and is one of the reasons why she is among the top female DC comics characters.

The Huntress

Also known as Helena Bertinelli, she is the daughter of one of the biggest mafia bosses in Gotham city and as is covered in more detail over at, she has one of the most fascinating backstories of all the DC comics characters. There is no denying that she has a dark side, something that even led to her being dismissed from the justice league, but she is resilient and has always worked hard to redeem herself and keep her dark side in check which is why she is worth considering among the top DC comics female characters.

Poison Ivy

Her ability to literally deliver a kiss of death, as discussed over at, is definitely one of the reasons behind her popularity among fans. On top of the fact her body produces toxins, she also has impressive immunity levels, so much so that she is one of the few characters with the ability to withstand the Joker’s fear venom. She has some really powerful and interesting abilities, from her abilities to control plants to her ability to control the minds of men, including mentally strong men like Batman, making her one of the top female DC comics characters.

Black Canary

She is definitely one of the hottest female characters in the DC world, with her beauty and outfit being stunning to say the very least. However, don’t let her beauty deceive you as she has some pretty devastating powers, including her iconic ultrasonic scream, which make her a dangerous proposition. She is one of the most popular DC comics characters, and the subject matter experts over at definitely agree with her being one of the top female DC comics characters.

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