Top 10 Anime Stores to Buy Anime Merchandise

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Top 10 Anime Stores to Buy Anime Merchandise

Anime is growing in popularity and is catching on faster than wildfire and it is not only popular in Japan where it originated from but it’s is now popular all over the world. Anime products are now in vogue all over and it is prudent to know where to pick them up and that is where this article comes in handy as it will tell you just that.

This is the premier store when it comes to matters anime and will have you covered whatever anime merchandise you are looking for. From attire, to plush toys and everything in between they have in stock. Their prices are also extremely friendly and will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket. They have great customer care services with any queries you may have being answered and fears allayed. They are the full package when it comes to matters anime and should definitely be considered when looking to get some merchandise.


This is arguably the most recognizable and well known anime store of them all, both in Japan and around the world. They have one of their many stores in Tokyo Japan in which they carry almost every anime merchandise you can imagine from cell phone covers and straps, pillows to clothing and much more. They even have their own cosplay section which is one of the largest around. They are very popular in Japan and they have stores almost every city and the stores are usually big with isles dedicated to different anime merchandise items. They are definitely among the best anime stores.


Their main store is located in Akihabara and they have an impressive inventory of various anime merchandise. If you are interested in finding the new trends in the world of anime, then they are the ones for you as they stock the latest items and rarely have old series in stock. Their displays are also very neat and added to that their collection of figures is second to none. They are definitely among the very best of anime stores.

Anime Jutsu

Moving away from Japan for a while if you happen to be from Houston Texas then look no further as this store will have you sorted as far as anime merchandise is concerned. They have an impressive inventory of figures, wallscrolls, pillows, plush toys and much more. They have well-arranged isles which are also well labelled so finding what you are looking for is not a hustle. The prices are also quite friendly and they are definitely worth checking out when you are in town.

Anime Jungle

For those who are into anime and are in the Los Angeles area then this is the place for you. Aptly located in the Little Tokyo area in Los Angeles they have a large selection of anime merchandise ranging from art books, bags, figures etcetera. Their selection of anime messenger bags is among the largest around and the quality is also assured. Their selectio0n of manga is also just as impressive and all the isles are neatly arranged further enhancing the shopping experience. They definitely deserve to be considered among the anime stores around.

Nakama Toys

This is for all those in Chicago and are looking for their Anime fix. They have a large selection of anime figures plus a lot more and what’s more they offer pre-orders for limited edition products from Japan which is an excellent addition. The store itself is not that big but that shouldn’t fool you as they have a large inventory of anime merchandise, and the small size contributes to an intimate atmosphere and you’ll definitely love shopping here.


Back to Japan, as is expected for anime merchandise, and this one is fantastic to shop in for its prices, which are very friendly. They deal in used goods. Which undergo thorough checks before going on shelves making them the perfect place to shop for those hunting for bargains. They also have an extensive online database in which you can search for whatever you are looking for beforehand so that when you go to the store you know they have it in stock. They have excellent customer service which adds to the pros section making them worth being considered among the top anime stores.

Donguri Kyowakoku

Another top of the line anime store in Japan, in the big cities, their store designs are what make them stand out. They usually adopt woodland themes with giant Totoros everywhere which helps in making the shopping atmosphere relaxing. They have a fantastic selection Ghibli, the best you will ever see which is good news for fans of the franchise. They also carry a wide variety of other anime merchandise that are well kept to ensure of their quality. They are definitely worth being considered in among the top anime stores around.

Nakano Broadway

Another Japan-based anime store, this one is a large shopping mall exclusively for anime products. It comprises of three floors all packed full of anime merchandise and it will definitely require more than a day for one to fully explore it. The stores within it are all unique but with impressive inventory of products and they are known for their friendly prices to boot. Their combination of prices and variety makes them one of the best stores for anime merchandise you will find.

Frank and Son

Another big and impressive store this time located stateside in southern California. It has been operational since the late eighties and boasts of smaller stores inside which carry a wide variety of anime products. With the main building itself sitting on 65,000 square feet of land, there is definitely something for every anime enthusiast. The stores individually also set their own prices making it possible to bargain and haggle to get a price you will be comfortable with, definitely deserves to be ranked among the best anime stores around.

The above stores are some of the best when it comes to carrying anime merchandise and it is no surprise that most of them are in Japan with some in the US. If however you can’t travel to and shop in any of them then not to worry as they usually make appearances in anime conventions where you can be able to buy merchandise from them. This article just barely scratches the surface therefore for more on the same please visit