The Best Pokémon Sword and Shield Starters

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The Best Pokémon Sword and Shield Starters

As we edge more and more closer to November, and the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, all of us that are fans of the game are waiting in anticipation to find out if this latest installation of the game is as good as previous games in this popular series. From the trailers and screenshots we have seen of the game so far, it looks like it will be yet another great game and we all can’t wait. The Galar region, which is where you will be taken as the player, seems to be even more industrialized than previous regions and we are definitely looking forward to that too. More importantly, the lineup of the new starters was also revealed and we now know that we will have as ever three new starters to choose from when we begin our journeys. With three new starters, comes three new designs, and so far from what has been revealed, the designs of all three are looking good. As is with any player out there, once the starters are revealed for any Pokemon game, the first thing we all look to do is choose who among them all is our favorite and Pokemon Sword and Shield is no exception. With the help of the subject matter experts over at, are going to try and rank the three starters in order from who we think is the best in the game.

Of all the starters, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, we believe that Grookey is the best of them all. Of course a cute monkey design is always going to grab our attention and that is what Grookey did to us. If you also like grass-types, something you can learn more about over at, then you will instantly like him as well. Grookey runs around with a branch hitting out on things, which may look dumb, but it is exactly what makes him very adorable and great. A monkey holding a branch is also interesting for us as we are hoping that his final evolved form will see him end up turning into a massive gorilla, or a big ape-like monster, with the branch also evolving into a massive log or something. The fact that Grookey could become absolutely anything when it comes to his final evolved form is what has us so intrigued and definitely why we see him as an early favorite as far as the starters are concerned. Pokemon fans will agree with us that a starter’s potential when it comes to their evolved final design counts for a lot whenever we are choosing our best starter and that is why we have gone for Grookey.

Next up, and who we consider to be our next best starter, is the goofy Sobble. Not only is it goofy, Sobble is also one of the silliest looking starter we have ever seen in the history of the Pokemon franchise. This is because it has a constant frown on its face, which combined by the wide-set eye, we have ourselves a very silly looking starter. What makes Sobble so interesting is that, despite the fact that it constantly has a nervous and stressed out look in the face, it actually exudes lots of calm and Zen-like energy. It has lots of personality, probably the most of all the three starters and that is why we like it so much. Unlike Grookey, Sobble is a water-type, something that is covered in detail over at, and therefore those who like water-types will definitely like this particular starter. Its potential when it comes to the final evolved design is also huge as we can’t be able to tell how it will evolve. However, it evolves, we just hope that it keeps the nervous and anxious look that we like so much.

Of the all the three starters, we found that Scorbunny to be third in rank as far as the best starters in Pokemon Sword and Shield are concerned. This starter is a fire-type and just because it comes in third doesn’t mean it is not impressive. The reason behind choosing it third is due to the fact that its design doesn’t snatch your attention as that of the other two. While the other two have some very interesting and goofy looking designs, Scorbunny is basically just a bunny who is white predominantly white in color, with some red thrown in so as to remind us that it is actually a fire-type. Its initial design is what just sees it beaten to the top spots by the other two starters, otherwise, it isn’t that bad a starter. In fact, it also has lots of potential as far as its final evolved design is concerned. As is mentioned by the gurus over at, it couldn’t be a surprise if Scorbunny took over as the best starter in the game after getting a glimpse of its evolved designs.

This is how we feel the starters ranks as of now, but you can head over to the reliable for more information Pokemon Sword and Shield and then get to choose your own best starters afterwards.