MTGLION's Top Picks

What cards should you Invest in?  MTGLION is here to help.  Updated periodically when I fall in love with a new card.

Cards I Love Right Now

Thalia : Is there anything better?  Seriously under $2 to $16 (today).  Thalia was one of Gavony’s most promising cathars. As a young inquisitor, soldier, and vampire slayer, she proved her worth soon after graduating from the academy at the Elgaud Grounds. But it was her obstinately caring soul that distinguished her and earned her a place among Thraben’s elite ranks. -Gamepedia

Melira : She has had her ups and downs.  I still love her though.  My favorite combo in modern.  Known as the “Fleshling”, due to the lack of metal in her body, since birth, Melira was abandoned in the forests of the Tangle immediately after she was born. She was rescued by Thrun, the last troll, who cared for her. After Mirrodin fell, Melira became a central figure in the Resistance. Her immunity to the glistening oil allowed her, and her followers, to be protected from the effects of phyresis, giving much needed hope to the survivors. – Gamepedia

Olivia Voladren : What was my first big hit… It was Olivia of course.  Still love her today.  She was in life a beautiful but strange, hermetic, antisocial woman who preferred to live far away from human civilization, in manor homes built for her from her seemingly boundless wealth. Like her, Voldaren vampires tend to live in the distant places, in the borderlands and edges of Innistrad’s provinces. -Gamepedia

Archangel Avacyn (Avacyn, the Purifier) : She got a reprint in From the Vault Transform.  She is rotating out.  This means she will be dirt cheap.  She is the next Thalia.  Before her corruption, Avacyn was incredibly benevolent to all humans. She has always been the most comfortable with children. Their innocence and earnestness made them easier for her to comprehend. – Gamepedia