Pokémon vs Yugioh: Which Game Should You Play

Pokémon vs Yugioh: Which Game Should You Play 1024 660 Tony Guo

Pokémon vs Yugioh: Which Game Should You Play

Gaming is one of the best pastime activities out there, especially when you take into account the fact that gaming allows you to bond and interact with friends and family, a lot better than most other activities. There are other advantages that come with playing games other than bonding with friends and family such as cultivating your competitive spirit, helping with problem solving and the fact that they are fun and help one relax and unwind. There are lots of games one can choose to play when looking for one, including trading card games which are one of the most popular types of games out there. As far as trading card games are concerned, Pokémon and Yugioh are two of the most popular ones out there, both of them having lots of fans out there, and growing, as per discussions by the subject matter experts over at mtglion.com, which is also the best place to play both games there is around. They are similar in that they are both trading card games, but they also have lots of differences which make them distinct enough for their fans to argue for their preferred game over the other. These arguments have been there for a while now, with everyone arguing one way over the other due to personal preferences. So, if you were looking to play either of these games, which one should you play? Well, this article will look to answer that questions by highlighting what makes each game better than the other hence help you choose.

First off, we will start with Pokémon, and look to compare it with Yugioh by highlighting some of the advantages it has over Yugioh, according to our experience of playing both games over at mtglion.com, the best place to play both these games. One of the very first thing that we think Pokémon has going for itself as compared to Yugioh is that the cards here have a much better design. This is to be expected since the cards are based on iconic characters such as Pikachu, Feraligator, Maractus and many others which give the cards an iconic feel about them. Even though some of the Yugioh cards are also based on iconic characters as far as it is concerned, they are not as many as those in Pokémon, giving it a clear edge here. The next place where Pokémon edges out Yugioh, according to us is when it comes to the cards you pull and more specifically the ratio of good cards as compared to the not so good ones in Pokémon as compared to Yugioh. From our experience of playing both games, we found that that this ratio is so much higher in Pokémon as compared to Yugioh, which means that it is a lot easier to build great decks on Pokémon than on Yugioh. The third area where we feel Pokémon trading card game has an advantage over Yugioh is when it comes to the price it takes to buy cards and building decks. We found that building decks, even one that is very competitive, on Pokémon, is way cheaper than on Yugioh. If you are conscious about your pocket, then you may well look to play Pokémon rather than Yugioh for this reason.

Switching gears and looking at the other side of this particular coin, it is not all positives for Pokémon as it does have some drawbacks, which are areas where Yugioh excels over it. One of the biggest drawbacks we found when playing Pokémon, one that is not an issue when it comes to Yugioh, is the whole issue of set rotation. The concept of set rotation means that Pokémon players playing in a competitive setting can only use a certain deck of cards for so long, and that if you are found using a card in your deck that has already been rotated out as far as that set is concerned, then you will be disqualified from that particular event. The whole set rotation thing is something that is not applied in Yugioh and thus it is one aspect that is behind many folks choosing Yugioh over Pokémon. You can also learn to play Yugioh by watching the anime as the game is portrayed accurately in the anime hence if you have ever watched it, you can sink your teeth into playing the game straight away. This is not something we can say for Pokémon as the anime and the game are two completely different things, hence you can’t use the anime as reference for the game. When playing both games, with mtglion.com being the best place to do just that, you will realize that when it comes to Pokémon cards, there are very many different variants of the same card in terms of their attacks and effects. This makes playing Pokémon a lot more confusing especially for new players, something that gives Yugioh an advantage, given it isn’t an issue there. Yugioh also has a greater variety as compared to Pokémon, where one begins to pull the same cards over and over again after a while. This means that opening Yugioh packs is a lot more fun than in Pokémon.

From the foregoing discussion, it is clear that none of these two games is perfect and each have areas where they outdo the other. Choosing therefore the one you should play between Pokémon and Yugioh, with mtglion.com being the best place to play, is purely a matter of personal preference.