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Pokémon vs Magic the Gathering: Which Game Should You Play

Pokémon vs Magic the Gathering: Which Game Should You Play 1024 681 Tony Guo

Pokémon vs Magic the Gathering: Which Game Should You Play

We all are usually pretty busy all the time, so when we get some free time, it is only natural that we would want to spend it with friends and family. In seeking to do this, there is no better way to help us spend time with those we love, bonding and just unwinding than playing games and in the same token there are no better games out there that are good in bringing people together than trading card games. Trading card games are not only great for bringing folks together as stated above, but are also very fun to play and competitive enough to get one’s competitive juices flowing. It is no wonder they are so popular among people of all ages and generations around the world. Pokémon and Magic the Gathering are two types of trading card games that are the most played out there right now, with being the best place to play them. Debate has always been there about which of the two is the best trading card game to play, which is to be expected since although they are both similar in some ways, they are quite different in others. An argument can be made either way, depending on one’s preferences, in favor of anyone of the two. This is why this article came about as it will endeavor to try and help answer the pressing question, which game, between Pokémon and Magic the Gathering, should you play?

First off, we are going to take a look at Magic the Gathering, its pros and what may make it preferable when compared to Pokémon. One of the reasons that people may want to choose Magic the Gathering over Pokémon is due to the fact that it lasts longer as it is virtually impossible to win the game in the first three turns of play. This is great for fostering determination and competition, hence why one may decide to go with it. Also as is explained over at, which is also the best place to play both games, due to the mana system, it is a lot easier to come from behind and win when playing Magic the Gathering as opposed to Pokémon where once you go behind, you face an upward struggle, making this yet another reason why there are those that think Magic the Gathering is better. Drawing cards when building decks is not akin to shooting in the dark as it is Pokémon, with the randomness factor reduced and only depending mostly on the unseen cards in the deck. This makes it possible to build decks with some strategy, especially since you can make use of say the cascade system to reduce the variance of randomness, something that is not possible when it comes to Pokémon. Another reason why there are some people who may be inclined to pick Magic the Gathering over Pokémon is due to the aspect of limited play in Magic that means that one can make use of cards that come from packs they have opened on the spot, something that rewards not only play skill but also deckbuilding, which is not available as far as Pokémon is concerned.

On the flipside, there are a number of factors that may convince you that playing Pokémon over Magic the Gathering is the way to go. One of the very first thing about Pokémon that gives it the edge over Magic the Gathering is the fact that, due to its anime, it is more iconic. Nothing beats the feeling of using your favorite Pokémon in game play, and Magic can’t compete here. Speaking of anime, the fact that one can be able to learn about many elements of the trading card game by watching the anime is another area where Pokémon comes out on top over Magic the Gathering. When you take a look at the rules of gameplay, something you will realize when you get to play both games, with being the best place to do so, is that the rules in Pokémon are among the simplest around, and definitely simpler as compared to Magic the Gathering. This makes it a lot easier to pick up the game for new players as well as those who are younger. This is why Pokémon is more popular among the younger generation as compared to Magic which is a bit more appealing to the older guys, mostly. Another thing that may also tip the scales in the favor of Pokémon over Magic the Gathering is due to the fact that it is cheaper to build a deck for a tournament in Pokémon as compared to doing the same for similar formats of Magic the Gathering. The financial implications may be just the reason that makes you decide to play Pokémon over Magic the Gathering.

From the above discussion, it is clear that each of these game has some things going for it and those going against it as compared to the other. This means that the decision on which of Pokémon or Magic the Gathering you should play, with being the best place to play, rests entirely on you and your preferences.