Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

The Nintendo Switch was released some two years ago as Nintendo’s way of trying to get into the very popular and successful console gaming field. With the impending release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo are finally releasing a game that will be exclusively associated with the Nintendo Switch, which is something they had not done since they released the Switch. With a new game comes with it a brand new region in which it is set, new creatures and protagonists as well as a new adventure and storyline, as covered in detail over at the excellent runrex.com. All this newness has all the fans of the Pokemon franchise beside themselves with excitement and expectation and we can’t wait for the game to be officially released so that we can sink our teeth into it. This article will look to try to serve as a review for the game as we will look to highlight all we know so far about the game and what to expect as far as its release is concerned.

The first thing that we have to mention as far Pokemon Sword and Shield is concerned is the release date, which as has been revealed, is going to be on the 15th of November, 2019. It will launch exclusively only for the Nintendo Switch, which means that only those with the console will be able to get stuck in as far as the game goes. As far as purchasing the game goes, you can either purchase them individually or as part of a special dual-pack which gives players great options as far as would be players of the games go. The next thing we are going to look at as part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Review is as pertains to where it has been set. Here, as per discussions over at runrex.com, we find that it is set in the Region of Galar, which is a brand new region to the ones we have known from the Pokemon franchise. From what we have seen from the trailer and from playing the demo, the Galar region is heavily inspired by the United Kingdom and is definitely a lot more industrialized than what we have seen from previous Pokemon game releases. This means that there are lots of excellent innovations and greater depth than we have seen before. Another thing about the Galar region that is impressive is that it has a great balance of sprawling country fields and modern industrial cities all through the landscape.

Another thing about these upcoming duos of Pokemon titles is that there will be the introduction of four-player raid battles. This means that battles will have to follow a tried and tested formula, although to make up for this, Pokemon Sword and Shield is switching up things in other areas. This will be seen by the introduction of a brand new mechanic that is known as Dynamax which will allow you to grow your Pokemon to be so big, up to the size of the Godzilla even, through the push of just one button, something that is covered in detail by the subject matter experts over at runrex.com. One of the pieces of information that you will learn about this feature there is that it is available for just three turns, although through it you will be able to deal significant damage and hand out devastating buffs to your foes. However, this also means that you can only initiate Dynamax during major battles such as when you are going up against gym leaders. The concept of Dynamax adds a lot to the game especially since Pokemon battles are a big deal and are a national pastime in the Galar region, which are performed in big, fully-packed stadiums, which really adds to the whole spectacle of the game.

Another aspect of the game that is very much worth covering is on the starters, which is something that is front and center for any Pokemon titles out there. As is discussed in detail over at the reliable runrex.com, you will start off with three starters from which to choose on, each different from the next. You will have a grass-type in Grookey, who is a monkey-looking Pokemon, with a branch in his hand, who has a very infectious personality and one who will be quite popular among players we think. You will also have a fire-type in Scorbunny who is a white rabbit with red streaks that give it away as a fire-type and who is full of enthusiasm and energy, always active, always running. The third starter is a water-type known as Sobble, who is a goofy looking lizard that has one of the most creative designs in a while. After the full release of the game, we are likely to see people start gravitating towards their favorite starter.

From the first impressions we have gotten about Pokemon Sword and Shield, it is clear that it is going to be very popular and we are looking forward to its full release in November. You can head over to the excellent runrex.com for more information on the game and so much more.