Pokemon Sword and Shield Characters

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Characters

With every passing day, we edge closer and closer to the official release of Pokemon Sword and Shield and we can’t wait. There are a lot of things that we have to get a grip of as far as this new installation is concerned, all of which you are covered in detail over at the excellent runrex.com. From what we have seen from trailers and screenshots, there are a number of new things we may need to get into grips with, from a whole new region, which it must be said looks a lot more industrialized and modern when compared to the settings of previous releases. The game’s new starters have also been revealed, and like the typical advent Pokemon fans we are, we have already chosen our best starters. As more and more information is put out there, we learn more and more about the game as we look forward to its release so that we can get our teeth stuck into it on our Nintendo Switch. One of the key things that has been revealed, and one that is of great importance is on some of the new characters that are in the game. As a player, it is important to learn about all this new characters and that is what we will look to help with as we will look to highlight some of the new characters we can look forward to in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

When it comes to the characters in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the very first character we have to mention is the undefeated champion of the region, Leon. He is described in the game as a “shining personality” and from what we have seen and read of him so far, he more than lives up to this moniker as he definitely brings great personality to the town and is adored universally by the characters there. Leon is so important to the storyline of the game as he is the one that acts as the rival to the player character, which as is explained in detail by the subject matter experts over at runrex.com, can take one of eight forms, which you will be allowed to choose from when starting your adventure, with four of the options being male and the other four being female. Anyway, going back to Leon, and another thing we are expecting is that he probably will be your character’s final battle opponent as you fight your way in the Galar region. Other things about him that we have learnt so far is that he will probably have a Charizard by his side and he will also have a very distinctive cape to help you identify him.

The next character we are going to look at is actually Leon’s brother, known as Hop, who is a very important character as he will act as your character’s main rival in the Galar region. As is covered in detail over at the excellent runrex.com, Hop is distinguishable by his blue hear and blue coat, something that you are going to have to get used to as he is going to be the rival that you will encounter at different times in the game. He will also be your player character’s neighbor and will begin his adventure the same day as you, so there are lots of things that link him to your player character. He also wishes to be champion one day. Another character of the game that is worth looking at is Professor Magnolia, who is the game’s leading guide. We predict that she will be the one that gives your player character their very first Pokemon. She is a professor and therefore her primary research focus in the game is looking into the Dynamax phenomenon.

Professor Magnolia’s assistant, Sonia is yet another character in Pokemon Sword and Shield that we have to take a look at. She will act as your player character’s guide and will be an excellent source of information and knowledge for them. other things worth knowing about her is the other than being Professor Magnolia’s assistant, she is also her granddaughter as well as being Leon’s childhood friend, all of which is covered in detail over at runrex.com. Milo is yet another character we will look at and he acts as one of the gym leaders in the Galar region. Information on him is quite thin on the ground as of now but we hope that with time we will find out more on him. There is also a second gym leader that has been revealed and she is called Nessa. She will battle you in then game using water-type Pokemon, something you should prepare for, although we also don’t know that much about her too as of now.

These are just some of the Pokemon Characters that have been revealed so far, with there being more character and more on the game to be found over at the ever reliable runrex.com so head on there for more morsels of information on this highly anticipated game.