Magic the gathering is pay to win.

Magic the gathering is pay to win. 1024 704 Tony Guo

Magic the gathering is pay to win. I mean if you don’t have the most powerful cards (which are deemed to be a little costlier than the others) you can’t win tournaments! This is the notion that most people have about MTG and they couldn’t be any more wrong pertaining Magic the Gathering.

The notion that MTG is pay to win, is always in the same breath as MTG is a waste of money. These are all beliefs people who have had little success in MTG or simply don’t understand the fundamental goal of MTG have. To understand why MTG is not a pay to win game, let’s take a quick look at the MTG ethos and how you should handle the finances to ensure that you get the best out of your financial investment;

Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering Is a card game which involves mythological angels and beasts with various ancient sorceries and powers to case. Each card has a mythological creature with different powers rated in ‘mana’ and the more powerful a card is, the more value and competitive edge it has in the game.

The cards in the game come in 5 colors; red, blue, green, white and black. Each of this colors has its own significance in the game. The gathering colors are not only crucial to the gameplay in general, but holds very important roles in exploring the philosophy of the game and how it connects the players with the real life realities.

From personalities, goals to general ethics, a lot of attributes exhibited by players both in their day to day life and in the game can be summarized in the 5 distinct colors in the MTG color pie. The colors have distinct characteristics and they embody emotions and feelings which we all have as human beings. This is an aspect of MTG that has helped it to connect with the masses over the years because players can easily identify with the game’s themes and fundamental philosophy.

Fundamental goal behind Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering is a communal game aimed at improving the social interactions between the players. The game also is full of lessons and as explained above, the color codes represent a lot of what we experience in our daily lives.

The buying of cards was only a monetization technique aimed at giving the developers some return for their creativity and making and printing the cards is also not an easy task. It was also introduced to add a competitive edge to the game and give the avid fans a chance to make a living out the game by wisely trading their cards and making the most of their owned cards.

So, does this make Magic the Gathering a pay to win game? Considering that the costlier cards have more value than the relatively cheaper cards, isn’t it safe to declare this game a pay to win game?

MTG is not a pay to win game

Without proper understanding of the game and skills on how to use the cards that one owns, you will keep losing tournaments and losing lots of investments in the game. On the other hand, however cheap your deck might be, if you have a knack on how to wisely use the deck in the various game formats, you will always emerge victorious.

Although it does take a few bucks to build a decent deck, without knowledge on how to handle the deck and the formats best suited for the game, you’ll never quite make good of the deck and you will lose a lot of games. On the other hand if you understand the value of the decks and invest wisely you’ll reap the benefits at some point.

Secrets to winning in MTG on a low budget


Rome wasn’t built in a single day and so is victory in MTG. You will need to play lots of games, hone the skills required in the game and research a lot before standing a chance in the game. Take time out and research on the value of certain decks and their relevance in the various game formats.

Don’t impulsively buy cards

A lot of people rush to buy new ‘hype’ cards in a bid to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. Unknown to them, some of these cards are just one hit wonders and their value plummets to rock bottom in a few days which leaves them frustrated. Be judicial in your spending especially on new cards.

Don’t be the miser looking to win fortunes

As much as spending lots of bucks doesn’t guarantee you a win, neither does keeping your money in the pocket. Without a decent deck, you’ll find it very difficult to compete against players with decent decks. Spend wisely and build a decent enough deck and ensure you have enough skill and dexterity to match the deck and you will start enjoying the fruits of investing in MTG.