Magic the Gathering is for nerds!

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Magic the Gathering is for nerds! This is the popular opinion that people have about the people who are avid MTG followers and this is a bigoted and sectarian belief which is far from the truth. There is nothing nerdy about playing MTG and anyone can play the game as we will find out in this article.

Before we take a look at the nerdy aspect or lack thereof, of Magic the Gathering, let’s take a look at what MTG is and what it entails.

Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering Is a card game which involves mythological angels and beasts with various ancient sorceries and powers to case. Each card has a mythological creature with different powers rated in ‘mana’ and the more powerful a card is, the more value and competitive edge it has in the game.

The cards in the game come in 5 colors; red, blue, green, white and black. Each of this colors has its own significance in the game. The gathering colors are not only crucial to the gameplay in general, but holds very important roles in exploring the philosophy of the game and how it connects the players with the real life realities. From personalities, goals to general ethics, a lot of attributes exhibited by players both in their day to day life and in the game can be summarized in the 5 distinct colors in the MTG color pie. The colors have distinct characteristics and they embody emotions and feelings which we all have as human beings. This is an aspect of MTG that has helped it to connect with the masses over the years because players can easily identify with the game’s themes and fundamental philosophy.

The aim of playing the game is to outplay your opponent by knocking their life from 20 to O using the many strategies available in the game. You can choose to go defensive and build mana reserves to protect you when you opponent attacks or you can choose to go on all-out attack and ambush your opponent with the myriad of attacking tools there is in the game.

Magic the Gathering is a game for all

Contrary to popular opinion, is a game for everyone! It is a game that can be played by both the young and the old. It can be played in kitchen tops and in tournaments which are a full with both the energetic young blood and the ardent old peeps that keep following the game to date. There is no age limit or prejudice as to who can play the game and who can’t.

The notion that Magic the Gathering arose from the fact that most of the early players spent a lot of time together and were socially secluded from the non-players. As such, they were viewed as a clique which most people thought was of nerds and this name has long been associated with people who have showed love for the game.

This nerd mentality has had a toll on prospective MTG players. Since most nerds were deemed as social misfits, most prospective MTG players opted to not get into the game for fear of stigmatization and alienation from the society. Although this misconception was tainting the reputation of the game in the turn of the decade, globalization of the game and introduction of more tournaments to encourage mass participation, managed to abate the negative views of MTG and today, millions of people have embraced the game and it is outgrowing its nerdy reputation.

MTG has undergone digital revolution

Although the avid old head will always vouch for the traditional kitchen top game, the digitization of the game and introduction of modern MTG versions has gone a long way in making the game a global brand.

More people are getting into the game as they can play the online version and the purchase and sale of cards online has made it easier for people to transact without necessarily meeting at tournaments. There are various online platforms which bring MTG heads together and they share their opinions on the progress of the game and also monitor the market trends on the cards’ value.

There has also been an increase in the number of neighborhood tournaments which are organized by the numerous shareholders who have got into the MTG family. These tournaments are particularly crucial in demystifying MTG as a nerds’ game because people of all walks and backgrounds meet and interact.

Join the ever growing MTG family

As far as classic card games go, they don’t come better than MTG. It has survived the test of time and is thriving in this demanding digital era. If you want to be a part of this ever growing MTG family, start taking part in the tournaments in the Local Game Store or contact us here at MTG Lion and we will gladly get started on MTG.