Magic the Gathering for Dummies

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Magic the Gathering for Dummies

You probably have heard it a couple of times, have mates who are ardent MTG fans or simply have stumbled upon MTG and are wondering what the hell this Magic the Gathering game is all about. Well, here at MTG Lion, we have taken time to go through the basics again and make you understand what Magic the Gathering is and why it very popular.

Magic the Gathering

For a card game to stand the test of time and remain relevant for close to three decades, it has to be exemplary and this is exactly what MTG is. This is a simple card game with a very simple, yet engaging gameplay, which appeals to people of all age groups. Here is a detailed look at what the game is;

Magic the Gathering Is a card game which involves mythological angels and beasts with various ancient sorceries and powers to case. Each card has a mythological creature with different powers rated in ‘mana’ and the more powerful a card is, the more value and competitive edge it has in the game.

The cards in the game come in 5 colors; red, blue, green, white and black. Each of this colors has its own significance in the game. The gathering colors are not only crucial to the gameplay in general, but holds very important roles in exploring the philosophy of the game and how it connects the players with the real life realities.

From personalities, goals to general ethics, a lot of attributes exhibited by players both in their day to day life and in the game can be summarized in the 5 distinct colors in the MTG color pie. The colors have distinct characteristics and they embody emotions and feelings which we all have as human beings. This is an aspect of MTG that has helped it to connect with the masses over the years because players can easily identify with the game’s themes and fundamental philosophy.

The aim of Magic the Gathering

The aim of playing the game is to outplay your opponent by knocking their life from 20 to O using the many strategies available in the game. You can choose to go defensive and build mana reserves to protect you when you opponent attacks or you can choose to go on all-out attack and ambush your opponent with the myriad of attacking tools there is in the game.

How to play MTG

  • A player is expected to pick a deck. Players can have multiple decks with different color combinations.
  • One is then to shuffle his/her deck and pick seven cards while the other untouched deck is used as the library. If the original hand of cards picked (the seven cards picked) are not deemed to be good enough, then the player can mulligan but pick six cards instead of seven. This can continue until the deck looks good but every time a player reshuffles, he/she has to pick one less card.
  • Once the deck is good enough, players can now begin playing. In the first round only tapped permanents can be untapped. Players are not allowed to cast spells or activate their powers yet.
  • In the main phase of the game, players are allowed to cast sorceries, enchantments, planeswalkers, creatures, artefacts and instants. Players can also activate abilities but this should only be one at a time.
  • In the combat phase, players can cast instants and activate abilities. In response, their opponents are allowed to cast things which will block the attacking of the creatures.
  • As the combat heats up, players are allowed to cast every spell and activate abilities but their opponents can only cast instants and activate abilities.
  • In the final step of the game, players are supposed to discard their cards until only seven are left. Any damage on creatures is removed and any effects which are specific to the turn come to an end. Pretty enjoyable, isn’t it?

Where is Magic the Gathering Played?

Magic the gathering is played in various places. From kitchen tops to professional tournaments, the game is a big phenomenon. The professional tournaments are very competitive and winners can walk away with thousands of dollars in prize money!

Where to buy MTG cards

There are very many places to buy and trade MTG cards. There are very many online platforms like e-bay where people trade cards. You should however be very careful when buying cards from these online platforms as most people who pose as sellers are cons and will make away with your money and give you fakes.

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