Is There Really a Frozen 2 Coming Out?

Is There Really a Frozen 2 Coming Out? 1024 598 Tony Guo

Is There Really a Frozen 2 Coming Out?

When it comes to blockbuster movies, especially animated movies, Disney is a big player and giant in the game. There are countless examples we can give to back up this claim, with Frozen being one animated movie that bears this fact out. This is seen in how popular it was and how much critical acclaim it gathered when it was released in 2013, some 6 years ago. We all know that Disney usually prefer not to release sequels of their blockbuster movies, they probably never want to ruin a good thing, but as soon as Frozen finished airing, it was clear that it needed a sequel to satisfy its numerous fans out there. As is revealed on the same over at, Disney actually tried to placate Frozen’s fans with new related content by releasing short films such as Olaf’s Frozen Adventure that was released in 2017 as well as Frozen Fever that was released in 2015. While this probably helped Disney make more money off of the popular franchise, it rightly didn’t prove enough to satiate the appetites of fans of Frozen. It was clear that a real sequel was the only thing that would satisfy fans all over the world, and as such it is safe to say Frozen 2 was inevitable from the off. While there have been lots of rumors flying round, Disney finally announced that Frozen 2 was actually coming out, as is discussed in detail over at This came as no surprise as even when the movie’s directors had downplayed talk of a sequel, they never denied the claims outright. To confirm that Frozen 2 is actually coming out, this article will look to highlight the things we know about the movie so far.

The one thing that confirms that Frozen 2 is really coming out is the fact that a trailer for the same has already been released, as can be viewed over at Given that the first movie was arguably the biggest animated movie of all time, especially since it grossed about 1.27 billion at the global box office, it was no surprise that the trailer for Frozen 2, which was released on February 12th of this year, racked up an impressive 116.4 million views within the first 24 hours of its release and on the way setting a new Disney record by becoming the most watched trailer of all-time, breaking the record set by Incredibles 2. To drive the point home even further that Frozen 2 was really coming out for any of the doubting Thomas out there, a second trailer was then released on June 11th of this year to whet the appetite of fans even more. This new trailer revealed more information on what to expect from the movie as well as giving more insight on the movie’s plot and what it will be about, as is discussed more over at the excellent

The casting as far as Frozen 2 has also been confirmed which is yet another thing that proves that Frozen 2 is actually really coming out. Here, we see the return of all our favorite characters from the first Frozen movie as well as new ones, as discussed over at the highly regarded, to make things even more interesting. Idina Menzel as well as Kristen Bell, both of which were fantastic in the first movie, return to voice Elsa and Anna respectively and we are expecting more of the same excellence from them. Also returning are Jonathan Groff who voices Kristoff as well as Josh Gad who voices Olaf. Two new actors in Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood have been added to the cast, although it is not yet clear who they will be playing the movie as per the gurus over at If ever you needed a sign that Frozen 2 was really coming out, then the confirmation of the cast is it.

Finally, as a clincher to show that Frozen 2 is really coming out is the fact that a date has already been announced for its official release; one you should mark on your calendars early enough as a fan, which I’m sure you will do. As per the excellent, November 22nd is when Frozen 2 will officially arrive in cinemas in the UK and the US, which is actually a revised date as the official release date had been set for 27th November 2019. As is revealed in discussions over at the ever reliable, filming actually started way back in 2017, September to be exact, which makes it remarkable how well they kept the whole thing under wraps. The official release date shows that you won’t have to wait long before you head over to your nearest cinema and get stuck into this very highly anticipated animated film.

As ever, the excellent and highly reliable and are the place to go if you are looking for more information on this and other related topics so ensure you check them out.