Is MTG a waste of money?

Is MTG a waste of money? 1024 592 Tony Guo

MTG is a waste of money! Why would anyone want to spend their hard earned money on some pieces of cardboard? These are some of the most common questions which dominate online MTG forums which ironically are filled with skeptical individuals who see MTG as nothing but a waste of both money and time. How true is the claim though? Is MTG a waste of money?

Is MTG a waste of money?

Whereas MTG is a funds-intensive game, it is the farthest thing away from a waste of money. Although cards and decks cost a little amount of money, there is a lot of value not only in investing in the cards but in playing the game.

Anyone who views the game as a waste of money either spends money on the wrong decks or has forgotten the fundamental goal of the game which is far from financial gains. Magic the gathering is a social game and has very many benefits and the financial aspect of the game is only added to give some competitive edge to the players who are truly passionate about the game and are willing to commit themselves financially.

To any ardent MTG player, spending money on what they love without sacrificing their ability to self-sustain and self-actuate is far from wasting money. By spending a little money to get MTG cards, you have not only invested in something that might increase in value in a few years but you will be getting a lot of pleasure and satiation from doing so.

You can make money on MTG- if you are wise!

One of the many reasons why people deem MTG as a waste of money is because they are not wise in their investments and the way they treat the game. Anybody who understands what MTG is all about and has taken his/her time to research about the game, will more often than not make money and earn valuable experiences from the game and talk of money wastage will be unheard of. But how is this possible?

Here are tips on how to make the most out of MTG investments and increase the chances of earning a return from your financial commitment;

Tips on how to make money from MTG

Look at market trends

The first step towards earning money from MTG, is to take time and research on what the current market trends are. Take a time and look at the cards which are doing well in the season and the cards which are quickly losing value. Understand the rare cards which people are likely to want in the future and try and keep hold of them.

Understand the best cards to invest in

Although there is nothing like the best cards to invest in, there are cards which have a higher probability of plummeting in value than others. Generally, when a new set of cards comes out, they are overvalued because of the high demand and low supply owing to the fact that very few people have opened their products. Such cards are normally hyped and they will be the talk of town for a couple of weeks before everyone lays their hands on them and their demand goes down drastically dragging with it the worth of such cards.

If you are a wise trader, you should strive hard to sell or trade the hot selling cards before they get to everyone or rotate out of standard. If you are among the first players to lay hands on these new cards, it is always wise to trade them as quickly as possible before their value takes a nosedive.

Always trade such overhyped cards with cars with stable values. Stable value cards are those cards whose value almost always goes up. The only factor that can affect these cards’ value is if they get reprinted in very large numbers which is a rarity in itself. Cards such as the Dual Lands and other staple legacy cards tend to retain their value for months and even years and once there is a shortage in the market, their value will skyrocket and you can easily make triple your initial investment by selling them off.

Be an honest and diligent player

The other secret to success in MTG, is to be as honest a player and play as per the MTG rules. This way, you will reduce the chances of things like penalties and you will not engage in activities like card hoarding which has proved futile in the past.

Engage in other activities which can generate money for you

The other secret to making a killing out of MTG is to diversify your source of income from the game. Take part in tournaments, collect rare cards which you can sell at a later time, start a local gaming store or write about MTG.

So, if you treat MTG as a hobby, remain honest with yourself and research about the game, there is no chance of wasting even a penny on the game and you will have made a lot of money while having lots of fun.