How to Play Fate Grand Order in English – 10 Tips

How to Play Fate Grand Order in English – 10 Tips 1024 640 Tony Guo

How to Play Fate Grand Order in English – 10 Tips

The English version of Fate Grant Order was finally released and so for those looking to start playing then you might need to be matriculated into it especially those not in Asia and those who haven’t played it before. This article will look to give out some tips on how to get started and what works and what doesn’t.

The first thing you need to be aware of is what the first screen does, and all it does is ask you to agree to the terms and conditions of the service and of course you can choose not to. If you want to accept then click on the button on the right while the left button is for declining. Another thing worth noting is daily quests begin at midnight, Japan Standard Time.

The other thing you need to be aware of are the maps and battle systems. On the main maps there are two types of available battles, Main Quests, indicated with a golden “NEXT” icon and Free Quests, indicated by an orange circled number. There are also Interlude quests which you will unlock when you obtain and level up servants and Strengthening quests that help give servants new skills and improve the old skills you might have. For you to do this you have to have ascended your servant to the maximum possible.

Once you are familiar with quests and how to choose them then then the next step is knowing how to choose a support member. You are allowed to choose five of your own servants but the sixth servant, the support member, has to be the servant of a random online player or someone from your friends list. You will be able to browse and choose accordingly and if someone uses one of your servants in battle you get 25 points if they are on your friends list and 10 they aren’t.

Another aspect you need to be aware of is some of the buttons and what they do. The master outfit allows you to change your master outfit, configure position allows you to swap servant slot spots, class affinity shows you the class and last but not least change party allows you to title each party. It is important to familiarize yourself with these options so you can be able to enjoy the full experience of the game.

The next tip on how to play the game is knowing the various attack cards in the game and what they do. There are three: quick, arts and buster. The quick card is green and increases the NP gauge by a small amount, the arts card is blue and it increases the NP gauge by several percentage points while the buster card is red and having the highest attack power you won’t gain any NP but you will gain crit stars. Each servant has five cards with their distribution dependent on the servant with each servant having one of each card.

The battle screen is mostly self-explanatory and if you want to target a specific enemy all you do is tap on the enemy. Choosing your outfit is important as it dictates your master skills. The first default outfit for example has the First aid, momentary strength boost and emergency evade skills which all help you on different levels. You will become more potent as you’re your master skills level and therefore your master outfit levels.

Once you start gaming it is important to note that you don’t have to summon 5-star servants in order to be successful in the game. Some of the common 1-star and 2-star servants can be all you need to get through some of the chapters in the game. You can summon these common servants and it will help in managing your resources in game as well.

Another worthy tip you should keep in mind is you that you should not neglect your Kohai. Most people actually neglect her as she is given for free but Mash as she is known as is actually quite useful and interesting and in addition she will always be free and will free up resources to spend them when you really need to. She also has no weaknesses so can’t be damaged but in the same breath she can’t damage her opponents. Make sure you don’t just toss her aside and take full advantage of her.

Another important tip worth noting is always remember to ascend your servants when they reach their maximum level. This will increase your servant’s level cap, grant them new skills and also they get new costumes. This is vital in the beginning of the game so that you can increase the skill levels of your servants. If you are presented with the chance to either ascend or level your servant’s skills, you should always look to ascend as it will have the most benefits early on in the game.

Another important tip to note is you should use your Saint Quartz very prudently and only for the servants you like, don’t misuse them in other words. It may difficult to resist the urge to spend but it will be worth it in the long run. This will free up your quartz to spend when you truly need to like when an event comes along and the servant needed is limited. This will prevent you from being locked out of such events.

The above are just a few guides and tips for those looking to play the new game in English. There is a lot of meat to be added on this particular bone and you can learn more on this and a lot of other things by visiting