How Frozen Should Have Ended

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How Frozen Should Have Ended

We have all heard the news, and seen the trailers and it is now official that Frozen 2 is on its way with its official release set for the 22nd of November this year. It is important to go back and explore the reason why we have a Frozen 2 in the first place as this is rarefied air we are breathing in given that Disney usually aren’t inclined to do sequels for the blockbuster movies. However, this time, they kind of had to do it given how successful Frozen, the first movie was. When it was released in November of 2013, it was all everyone could talk about for the rest of the year and in 2014. Not only was it extremely popular and critically acclaimed, it was also very successful in the global box office. In fact, as is covered in detail over at, it was Disney’s most successful animated movie ever and it held on to that record until it was overtaken by Lion King this year. Everything about it was top drawer, from the plot to the characters and not to mention the soundtrack with the songs having a hold on us we could explain as they were stuck in our heads for months as per the gurus over at However, have you ever considered how it would have been if we had an alternate ending to it? The story didn’t have to end the way it did and the folks over at the popular YouTube channel, How It Should Have Ended, have all of us covered by offering us this alternate ending.

First of let us start by going over the events that brought us to the original ending as far as Frozen is concerned. Most of the people who watched it, as per discussions over at the excellent were pretty scathing when it comes to the parenting of Anna and Elsa’s parents and didn’t think they were good parents. Instead of telling her to embrace her powers and try to control them rather than letting them control her, they have banished in the castle and locked away from her sister. She also has to hide her power and has to carry this incredible guild, mostly due to how she had ended up hurting her sister, accidentally we must add. What we have in the original Frozen movie is an Elsa who is lonely, introverted and who thinks her powers are bad and a danger, as is discussed in detail over at However, have you ever wondered how the movie would have transpired if Elsa’s parents had actually parented better and had encouraged her to embrace her powers? Well, this is what we are going to highlight next.

In this alternate ending to Frozen by the YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended, which is discussed in detail over at, Elsa’s parents actually do what any logical parents with a kid with superpowers should do and that is take them to Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters; yes, she will be a member of the X-Men. In this alternate ending, we see Shaman the rock troll, after assuring Elsa that Anna is going to be okay after the accident, with Elsa confirming if her sister will remember that she has powers, convincing her Elsa’s parents to take her to Charles Xavier’s school, as mentioned above. Of course Elsa’s parents, being the bad parents we know them to be, have to put in all their bad ideas which include locking their daughter up in a castle and isolating her. Thankfully, the rock troll actually prevails on them this time, impressing on them that love is what she needs and not fear and with that Elsa is off to join the X-Men. Here, we see Elsa thriving as she doesn’t have to hide and feel ashamed of her powers as she fits right in with the mutants as is shown in the video, which you can view over at The whole theme of this alternate ending seems to be very joyous and happy, especially for Elsa who is seen singing happy songs, including a mutant version of the popular Let It Go.

Having seen how Frozen should have ended, it is also important to note that there would have been an inevitable trade off if Elsa’s parents had encouraged her to embrace her powers and taken her to Charles Xavier’s school as the movie, as per the subject matter experts over at, wouldn’t have been as moving. This means that the movie would probably have been shorter and it wouldn’t have tugged on our heartstrings as it did due to Elsa’s parents’ poor parenting. It also means that we would have missed out on all the excellent songs in the movie including the fantastic Let it Go, as let’s face it, the mutant version doesn’t have the same kick as the original one. It is probably for the best that events transpired like they did in the Frozen movie rather than as they did in the alternate ending, which you can see over at the excellent

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