Frozen Who Sings Let it Go

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Frozen Who Sings Let it Go

Despite how big Frozen was, and it was big as it was up until recently the highest grossing Disney animated movie of all time as discussed in detail over at, the song Let it Go, which was part of its soundtrack was just as big if not bigger. It was one of those songs that set the standards as far as soundtracks for animated movies go and it was one that we couldn’t get out of our heads for months upon months. It kind of took as back to the era of unforgettable Disney animated movie soundtracks such as Hakuna Matata in Lion King among others. You begin to get a feel of how big it was when you consider that it spent a whopping 33 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at number 5 for five weeks. This is huge as normally, movie soundtracks don’t do such numbers. It also spent an unbelievable 71 weeks on the Streaming Songs Chart where it also peaked at number 2 as well as being all the rage on radio. Even more impressively, it has sold over 4 million digital downloads and on top of that has earned close to 500 million on-demand streams in the U.S alone among others in a growing list of accolades, all discussed in detail over at You may have heard the song while watching Frozen and you are left wondering who sings it. Well, wonder no more as this article will look to have that covered by revealing exactly who sings Let it Go in Frozen.

The simple answer to the question of who sings Let it Go in Frozen is Idina Menzel who voices Elsa in the Disney animated movie blockbuster, as covered in detail over at For folks who are into Broadway and musical theater, then you know she is and probably adore her for her work there; but if you don’t, then worry not as we will look to tell you about the lovely Idina Menzel. First thing to say about her, as mentioned above, is that she is an icon when it comes to the world of musical theater, where she has been involved in some big productions. Chances are that you have actually heard her voice, you just didn’t know it was her. This is because she is the voice behind iconic musical theater hits such as Take Me or Leave Me, Defying Gravity from Wicked which is a legit work of art. She has actually been around for a while, having made her Broadway debut way back in the 90s, where she made her debut in the blockbuster Rent where she plays Maureen. Her performance, as from discussions over at, actually had her nominated for a Tony, which is impressive for someone making her debut. It is therefore no surprise that she absolutely smashed her role as Elsa, especially when it came to singing Let it Go.

She has also had many other great performances in Broadway, with her performance in Wicked in particular standing out and winning her a Tony, as covered in detail over at Given her track record, it was no surprise that from her performance of the song in Frozen, awards and accolades quickly followed. This is because the song won an Oscar for Best Original Song, which is he pinnacle for movie soundtracks. Idina Menzel actually performed the song during the Academy Awards show and knocked her performance out of the park in typical style, although sadly for us fans, she did perform the shortened version of the song. On top of that, it also won a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media as well as a bunch of other awards such as a Critics’ Choice Award, a Radio Disney Music award among others including countless other nominations, all of which are covered in detail over at the excellent This just goes to show how great her performance of the song was.

It is also prudent to name check some of the other roles she has played in movies to see if you can remember her performances. Other than Frozen, the subject matter experts over at point out that she has had other non-Broadway roles and appearances such as in Enchanted where she plays Nancy. This is probably her biggest role before Enchanted when you take into account non-Broadway performances. If you are a fan of Glee, then you can also be able to recognize her from there where she plays the role of Shelby, who is Rachel’s biological mother. The part of Rachel in Glee is played by Lea Michele, and that was perfect as Lea and Idina actually quite look alike which was great for the storyline of them being mother and daughter. She has also had many other roles and it is also important to point out that she is going to be returning and reprising her role as Elsa in Frozen 2, which is coming out on the 22nd of November as is covered in detail over at Here’s to hoping that the sequel will have more great performances from her, especially the singing part.

As ever, the excellent and remain the best places to visit when you are in need of more information on this and other related topics.