Frozen Where Does it Take Place

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Frozen Where Does it Take Place

It had been a while since Disney had produced a film that was so well received and had received so much critical acclaim as was the case with Frozen. Not since the days of Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and other early 90s hits, all of which are discussed in detail over at, had Disney produced such a hit. This is why most folks agree that Frozen actually signaled the return of form as far as Disney was concerned and confirmed that it really was back after years of lots of average productions at best. With Frozen, we finally had an animated movie to get excited about; to talk about, and boy was there a lot to talk about as far as the movie was concerned. The characters were well put together and were all interesting in their own right, the songs in the soundtrack were unforgettable gems that we couldn’t stop humming, the voice cast was well put together with some excellent Broadway actors to savor and so forth. There was also a lot of fascinating things about the movie that were worth learning about. For instance, and as is discussed in detail over at, the fact that Frozen was loosely based on the fairy tale, The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Andersen. However, the most fascinating thing about Frozen was on where it takes place; fascinating in the sense that it actually takes place in a place that actually exists and that there is evidence to how this to be the case. This is where this article comes in as not only will it look to highlight where Frozen takes place, it will look to provide evidence that backs this up.

Frozen is set in the fictional land of Arendelle, which as is discussed in detail over at the excellent, is based on the country of Norway, which is where Frozen takes place. Not only does Frozen take place in Norway, its actually location within the country can actually be pinpointed. This is because the architecture and landscape that is seen in Arendelle in Frozen closely resembles that which is seen in the Western fjords of Norway, and the city of Bergen to be specific. At first, while agreeing that Frozen takes place in Norway, there were those that thought Arendelle was inspired by another Norwegian city known as Arendal. However, the evidence suggests that the only thing those two share is an uncanny resemblance when it comes to their names. The reason why it is thought that Frozen takes place in the Western fjords of Norway is due to the architecture when you compare the movie with the real-life city. Here, as is discussed in detail over at, we see that the two share the same sort of architecture designs. The colorful wooden houses that we see in Frozen for instance are a common site in Bergen, and are actually the predominant building type in the port city.

For those who have been in Norway, then you know the unique architecture of their churches, known as Stave churches, which are a major inspiration behind important architecture in Frozen, especially the castle as is covered in detail over at, and just goes to prove that Frozen actually takes place in Norway. These Stave churches are mainly made up of wood, which is something that comes out very clearly when you watch Frozen, which has one of the most unique kingdoms you are likely to see when taking into account the architecture of the buildings. The castle in Frozen in particular reflects this as it is made from both wood and concrete, to incorporate the designs of the Stave churches as seen in Norway, with the one of the biggest ones known as Heddal church being the main inspiration with its three towers as can be seen over at The architecture that is found in Frozen is undeniably uniquely Norwegian which goes to show that it does take place there.

Other than the landscape and architecture, the fashion that is seen in Frozen is yet another aspect of it that shows that it does take place in Norway. As per the gurus over at, the costumes that are worn in Frozen are bunads, which are traditional Norwegian clothes that have been worn by Norwegians since they freed themselves from Danish rule in the 1800s. They can be no denying this fact as bunads are strictly Norwegian and as such it goes to show that Frozen actually takes place in this beautiful Scandinavian country. The decorative painting, or Rosemailing as is discussed in detail over at, is yet another aspect of Frozen that goes to show it takes place in Norway. If you watch the movie, you will notice that every surface is decorated with some sort of pattern, from the walls to the clothing worn by the characters. This is something that is entrenched in Norwegian culture and goes to prove that Frozen takes place in Norway.

As ever, if this article doesn’t quench your thirst of everything Frozen, including Frozen 2, then you shouldn’t hesitate to head over to and where you will find more on this and other related topics.