Frozen is Based On

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Frozen is Based On

Even by Disney’s standards, Frozen was a big hit and was extremely popular when it came out in November of 2013. For months and months, if folks were about movies, then chances were that they were talking about Frozen. The critics also agreed as it was one of the most critically acclaimed movies, and still as, with the numbers also following suit as it became Disney’s all time highest grossing animated movie at the global box office; a record it has kept up until recently when, as is discussed in detail over at, it was finally overtaken by the remake for Lion King. The fact that Disney agreed to do a sequel for it, something they don’t normally do, with Frozen 2 coming up, just goes to show how popular it was. It has become something of trivia hotpot with fans knowing all there to know about it. This means knowing what the plot was about, and it was a lovely one, knowing all about the characters as well as the actors and actresses voicing them, knowing all the songs and so on and so forth, with all of these being covered I detail over at But, as much a fan as you are and as much as you may think you know about it, do you happen to know what Frozen was based on? Well, if the answer is no, you are in luck as this article will look to take a look and highlight what Frozen was based on.

Here, it is important to reveal right out of the gate that Frozen was actually based on The Snow Queen, the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. We should first try and highlight some of the key parts as far as Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale is concerned. As is covered in detail over at, the fairy tale features a troll who had a mirror that would reflect the worst in the person looking at it and appeared to relish revealing the worst side of people, shaking with glee at that particular person’s reaction. The troll, obviously as the owner of the mirror, was so proud of it and didn’t hesitate to show it to everyone he encountered. One day, the mirror actually shook so vehemently with glee that it broke, with its pieces, as is expected from a fairy tale, being scattered to the wind. This actually made things worse since if you got a piece of the mirror lodged in you, say in your hand or eye, then you would begin to see things like they were being reflected in the mirror. This is where we encounter Kai and Gerda, two siblings who were so close, they were best friends. Unfortunately, Kai gets two pieces of the mirror stuck in him; one in his heart and another in his eye which kicks off a series of unfortunate events from Kai’s disappearance to Gerda’s capture by robbers to the entrance of The Snow Queen in all this, all of which is captured in detail over at

From the above excerpt, even if it is not complete, you are already wondering how Frozen could actually be related to The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. There are very little similarities, although the gurus over at are quick to point out that there are at least a few loose similarities we can be able to see just by looking at the surface of both stories. For instance, there is a Snow Queen in both stories; in both stories, the main character is under the threat of being turned into ice and as is also revealed in discussions over at, both stories involve a person riding off with a reindeer to go and find a sibling. However, it is also obvious that in the fairy tale, the Snow Queen is evil, while in Frozen, the Snow Queen is anything but which makes you wonder how the two are even connected.

However, the subject matter experts over at have been able to find out how the two stories are connected and especially how the characters connect with each other. For instance, Elsa from Frozen obviously corresponds to Kai as well as the Snow Queen and they are the characters who she is based on. This is because she runs away from her home and she also has ice powers. On the other hand, Anna corresponds to and is therefore based on both Gerda and Kai as we can see that in Frozen not only is her heart frozen, she also goes on a quest to find her sibling. We can also make a connection between Kristoff in Frozen with the folks in the fairy tale who help out Gerda with Sven being based on Bae from the fairy tale. As per the subject matter experts over at, the clearest clue that Frozen is based on The Snow Queen is the fact that the opening song is actually a Danish version the song Fairest Lord Jesus, which goes to show how these two are linked together.

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