Frozen is About Coming Out?

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Frozen is About Coming Out?

It is fair to say that ever since Disney acquired Pixar, most of their blockbuster animated movies have been from the Pixar side of things, with the Toy Story franchise particularly stealing the limelight as per the subject matter experts over at This is until late 2013, in November, when Frozen came out. It was without doubt the biggest hit from the Disney side of the Walt Disney stable since The Lion King, the original one not the remake. It was, experts have proclaimed, a signal of intent by Disney of their emphatic return to form and the standards that set them apart in the days of the aforementioned Lion King as well as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, just to mention a few. Frozen actually managed to do what most movies don’t, and that is stay in the top 5 for more than just one weekend, while also holding the record of being the highest grossing Disney animated film of all time, until it was dethroned by The Lion King remake this year, as discussed over at There are a number of things about Frozen that are very fascinating from the fact that it is loosely based on The Snow Queen, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, or that it takes place in Norway; but one of the most fascinating claims about it is that it is about coming out. It has been labelled as being an icon in LGBTQ community and this article will look to take a look if in fact it is about coming out.

One of the reasons why many people are saying that Frozen is about coming out is due to the subtext of the storyline of the main character, or one of them anyway, Elsa. As per the gurus over at, Frozen is basically about a young girl that was born different, with her parents telling her to hide her differences away from the rest of the world as probably the world wouldn’t accept her for who she was. It can also be said that her parents were also worried about how they would have been perceived by friends and neighbors and decided to have their different daughter hidden away. When her secret is finally revealed, she is predictably shunned by the citizens of the kingdom as a monster and freak and is forced to leave her home and create her own kingdom where she wouldn’t be judged. In the end, her sister finds her, tells her she accepts her for who she is and after she is convinced to go home, the people of the kingdom accept her for who she is, with the full story to be found over at the, excellent This story sounds exactly like the story of a gay person who has to hide their true identity and is shunned for being different before, hopefully, being accepted for who they are.

If the story doesn’t scream coming out enough, one of the biggest songs in Frozen, Let it Go, has become the anthem of every gay kid coming out since its release. It has already been well documented, with it being discussed in detail over at, how Let it Go was such an unforgettable hit, and it has become even a bigger hit when it comes to the gay community. This is because, from the lyrics to its whole feel, it is all about someone recognizing and accepting whatever it is that makes them different and embracing it, letting it be a strength; a tool to empower you rather one to defeat you and make you feel unworthy. This is basically the story of coming out whereby one, after years of self-doubt and hiding their true self, they decide to finally come out to the world and embrace who they really are. As per the folks over at, the fact that Elsa and Anna’s parents have been portrayed as the classical homophobic parents by some is yet another reason why Frozen has been perceived to be about coming out. This is because are intent on having Elsa conceal her powers and as such not be true herself but hide her real identity, and especially tell her to hide her true self from people close to her like her sister. The fact that they then proceed to keep her in a castle hidden away, can be translated as being put in a closet which is why Frozen has been considered to be about coming out.

As is discussed over at, the fact that Elsa is completely transformed in terms of demeanor and her wardrobe after following the advice of her song and letting it go, is yet another sign that Frozen is about coming out. She gets a whole new fabulous wardrobe, which includes a new glittery gown, her hair is better as she lets it flow freely, she acquires a whole new fabulous attitude and becomes more confident in herself and gets herself a spanking new palace. This just screams coming out which is why Frozen has been juxtaposed to the same. As is discussed in detail over at, in Frozen 2, which is coming out in November of this year, there is talk that Elsa will have a girlfriend which just goes to show that maybe Frozen 2 was really about coming out.

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