Frozen 2: Which Frozen 2 Character are you

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Frozen 2: Which Frozen 2 Character are you

Even for a company so used to creating blockbusters like Disney, the success of the original Frozen movie that was released way back in 2013 was unprecedented. The movie was such a big hit that, as is discussed in detail over at, it grossed over 1.27 billion in the first week of its release which was actually enough to break the record that had previously been set by another of Disney’s big hitters, Incredibles. This just goes to show how well received it was and how popular it proved to be. It was so good that we are actually going to get a sequel, something Disney rarely does, with Frozen 2 scheduled for release in November 22nd of this year, 2019. This is great news for the fans of this franchise as they had been hoping that they would actually be a sequel for Frozen 2 for the longest time as it has been 6 years since the original Frozen was released. As with any movie, particularly any Disney animated movie, we all find ourselves gravitating towards and identifying with one of the characters, and this is no exception when it comes to Frozen. The good news is that most of our favorite characters that were in Frozen will be making a comeback in Frozen 2, as is discussed over at They include Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. Which of these Frozen 2 characters are you though? Well, this article will help you make a choice by highlighting some of the key character traits we expect them to embody in Frozen 2.

We are going to start with Elsa, who appears to be very much front and center as far as the plot for Frozen 2 is concerned, as per the gurus over at This is because the movie appears to be mostly about finding the truth and the origin of her powers, and whether or not they will be enough to deal with whatever doom that appears to be on the horizon as far as what we can gather from the trailer is concerned. She is known as being very loving and caring, especially when it comes to her sister Anna as well as other family and friends. She is also very protective, especially of her sister, as well as being determined as she looks to want to get to the bottom of the origin of her powers. If this describes you in any way, and you also love winter as well as having the love of making snowmen, then Elsa may be the Frozen 2 character that you are. On the other hand, if you are just as loving, especially when it comes to your friends and family, but are also much more of a free-spirit and have a real love for adventure as well as being a bit cheeky and energetic, then the Frozen 2 character that describes you could be Anna as these are some of her personality traits, with more to be found over at She also doesn’t like freezing cold weather, so if you are not a fan of winter, then you could be Anna rather than Elsa.

If you actually consider yourself to be a bit like a snowman, rather than being one that loves to create them, then the Frozen 2 character that could closely describe you is Olaf, who as is discussed in detail over at is actually a snowman who is a creation of Elsa. Other character traits that Olaf possesses include being funny and goofy as well as being cheerful and giggly. We also know that, despite the fact that he is made of snow, he actually has a bizarre liking of hot things such as saunas, warm hugs and even the summer, which is odd for a snowman. If you are the same way, in that you love summer and if you are a bit of a contradiction in that you like things that people would not normally expect you to, then Olaf could be the Frozen 2 character that closely describes you, with more on him to be found over at the excellent

If you are a bit of a dare-devil and you like to participate in high-octane activities such as racing and such, then you could be Kristoff, who, as is explained in detail over at, likes high-speed sled rides. If you also love the cold and ice, and as such winter is your favorite season, and you also love music then you could be Kristoff as these are the things we know he likes. We also know Kristoff to be very resourceful and intelligent especially since his occupation is one of an ice harvester as well as ice master and deliverer in Arendelle. He is also very sweet and protective, especially of his girlfriend Anna, and if you are the same way, then it appears Kristoff could well be the Frozen 2 character that describes you closely, with more on Kristoff to be found over at the excellent

Hopefully, this article will help you decipher which Frozen 2 character you are, with more on all of your favorite characters to be found over at as well as at