Frozen 2 vs Toy Story 4

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Frozen 2 vs Toy Story 4

It has to be said that even by Disney’s standards, 2019 is shaping up so well for them and they seem to be having one of their best years, maybe even ever, as is covered in detail over at the excellent This is because they already have 5 movies that have grossed over 1 billion dollars in a single year, surpassing their own record in 2016 where they had 4. Among the 5 movies that have reached and beat the 1 billion-dollar mark include Toy Story 4 and with Frozen 2, among others, to be released before the year ends, then the list is bound to grow from 5 extending their record even further. When the list of movies that were going to be released by the Walt Disney Company in 2019 were released, most folks had their eyes on Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4. This is because this would bring about the classical battle between a Disney movie and a Pixar movie, with the two, though in the same family, having a very healthy sibling rivalry, in the eyes of us fans at least, over the years. This, as per the gurus over at, was bound to rekindle the rivalry that was there a number of years back when the first Frozen movie was pitted against Toy Story 2. This article will look to see how these two compare in what is shaping up to be quite the battle of the sequels this year, and probably leading up to next year’s award shows, including The Oscars.

The very first part we are going to see the Frozen 2 vs Toy Story 4 battle take shape is when it comes to the trailers. This is the only place these two can compete on an equal footing for now, at least until the release of Frozen 2 on November 22nd, as is covered in detail over at the excellent Here, it must be said the Frozen 2 has the edge as its first 2 trailers having amassed a huge number of views and breaking records along the way. The Toy Story 4 trailer didn’t do so badly, but it fell just short of the 60 million views mark, which had been the mark to beat, set by another of Disney’s productions and yet another classic in Lion King. The Frozen 2 trailer, as is covered in detail over at the excellent, quickly got over the 60 million views mark and as we speak has over 80 million views. There is also a third trailer that has just been released a couple of days ago, that should do well as well, collecting the numbers as far as the number of views are concerned. It is easy to see why the anticipation would be higher for Frozen 2 as compared to Toy Story 4, as is shown in the number of views on YouTube of the official trailer, as while Frozen fans have had to wait for 6 years before getting their sequel, Toy Story fans have had Toy Story 3 in between the 2nd and 4th sequel to enjoy.

Next up we are going to look at the numbers as far as these two are concerned as I’m sure it is going to be one of the areas where they are going to go hard against each other. As per the gurus over at, Toy Story 4 has already surpassed the 1 billion dollar mark at the global box office, which is always a sign of a successful movie. While this may not be enough to clinch the number one position, which currently belongs to Lion King which had already taken the mantle by grossing 1.33 billion and taking over from the previous number one which was the first Frozen movie. Toy Story 4 still has got time on its hands to see if it can get anywhere close to the numbers set by the movie at the top. With Frozen 2 set to be released, experts, including those at, are projecting that it may just be able to reclaim the top spot from Lion King if the excitement seen from the number of views as far as its trailer is concerned. This is yet another battle that Toy Story 4 may lose to Frozen 2.

Next up, as far as Frozen 2 vs Toy Story 4 is concerned, we are going to take a look at their release dates and the thinking behind the decisions. As we all know by now and as is covered in detail over at, Toy Story 4 was released on the 21st of June this year, 2019. It was given a summer release to ensure that it gets a good run through the year, with almost half of the year to go, and as such give it the best chance of success. On the other hand, Frozen 2 is scheduled for release on the 22nd of November. Although it may not have the same time before the year ends as compared to Toy Story 4, its release date has a number of perks since it is smack bang in the middle of holiday season, with Thanksgiving a few days after its release and Christmas around the corner. This means that it will be able to enjoy the privilege of being a holiday movie and should add to its success, as per the gurus over at We will see if this contributes to its success or not and how this battle between Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4 shapes up as we head towards the awards season next year.

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