Frozen 2 vs Lion King Connection

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Frozen 2 vs Lion King Connection

It usually seems that every year is great year for Disney given that its productions always seem to do well both in the local and the global box office. However, this year seems to have been a tremendous year for them, even by their standards given the number of blockbusters that they have released, and have been scheduled for release by them before the end of the year, with a full breakdown of this very wide topic to be found over at This something Disney have gotten used to by now given many of their past productions such Avatar, Incredibles 2 and many others have firmly etched themselves in the record books given the numbers they brought in worldwide. This year, Disney have looked to outdo themselves by looking to release to eagerly anticipated productions in Frozen 2 and Lion King. We all know how successful the first Frozen movie was and it had until recently been the most successful animated movie ever produced by Disney, as is explained in detail over at the excellent These two actually have a lot of connections as well as areas where they are pitted against each other apart from the fact that they are all from the Disney stable and they are animated movies. The Lion King remake is actually an animated movie despite how realistic it may look with the Director confirming that there was only one live-action shot in the movie. This article will look to highlight how Frozen 2 and Lion King compare as well as their connection.

We are going to first a look at the connection between Frozen 2 and Lion King and how the two are sure to be connected. First off, it must be said, although the details for the Soundtrack for Frozen 2 have not been confirmed, it is safe to say just like Lion King, it will have singing in it and as such this is why the two are connected. As is discussed over at the excellent, the two actually are animated movies, which means that they feature voice actors as opposed to the usual portrayal of characters we see in movies that are animated. Apart from this, another way Frozen 2 and Lion King have a connection is due to the fact that they both feature a royal Family, especially due to the fact we have had that The Queen and King of Arendelle, Anna and Elsa’s parents will make a comeback in Frozen 2. Lion King of course has King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi who are the royal family of the Pride Lands. There is also that connection with Africa where while Lion King is set in the African savannah, as we have seen in discussions over at, there is a link between Frozen 2 and Africa as there is speculation that not only could Anna and Elsa’s parents still be alive, they may be the parents of Tarzan of the African jungle. These are just some of the ways these two animated movies share a connection.

Now, we are going to get stuck at how these two pit themselves against each other and we will start by talking about their trailers where Frozen comes out on top. As is explained over at, when The Lion King’s trailer came out, it broke records and was Disney’s most watched animated movie trailer and went on to receive tens of millions of views on YouTube. This was to be expected as it was a remake of what was a classic and folks couldn’t wait to see how technology would make the new remake even better. However, this record has since been broken by the Frozen 2 trailer which has proven to be even more popular. The same logic apples here as we are also talking about a sequel that was 6 years in the making with fans waiting in anticipation for when Frozen 2 was going to come out. The trailer for Frozen 2 has since amassed more than 60 million views on YouTube which is more than the number of views amassed by the Lion King trailer as is covered in detail over at

The next stat that pits Frozen 2 vs Lion King has to do with the fact that since its release, Lion King has dethroned the original Frozen movie as the highest-grossing animated movie of all time as discussed in detail over at While Frozen’s record stood at just over 1.27 billion dollars, The Lion King has since has since surpassed that by posting figures of over 1.34 billion dollars and counting. With the challenge set, the race is on to see how Frozen 2 is going to perform when it is released on November the 22nd. Most folks, including the subject matter experts over at, are comparing how their respective trailers did and how Frozen 2’s eventually beat out Lion King’s and are predicting that Frozen 2 will probably take the record back; I guess we will have to wait and see.

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