Frozen 2 Elsa vs Barbie

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Frozen 2 Elsa vs Barbie

When the first Frozen movie came out, its popularity was clear for all to see especially given that it ended up breaking the global box office record, as is covered in detail over at the excellent It was one of the most watch animated movies and still remains one of, if not the most successful and top grossing animated movie as far as Disney is concerned. The theaters is however not the only area where Frozen was winning. This is because, an interesting subplot was the performance of Frozen merchandise, and especially the Elsa doll, as compared to the Barbie doll. In fact, soon after the release of the movie, it popularity was such that Barbie’s long standing reign was ended by the Elsa doll, which became the new number one doll, selling like the proverbial hot cakes. This is not something most people saw coming but it was happening and Elsa had overtaken Barbie and had gone straight to the top of the list as far as gifts for the many little girls out there are concerned. Given, as is revealed in discussions over at, that Frozen 2 is set to be released a few days from Thanksgiving and heading over to the broader holiday season, this battle between Elsa and Barbie is set to be restocked. This article will look to take a look at how the Elsa vs Barbie battle played out the first time round and how we expect it to go once Frozen 2 is released.

One of the reasons why Elsa did so well as compared to Barbie the first time around was due to the fact that, as is covered in detail over at, she was seen as a much better role model to young girls as compared dolls such as Barbie and that is why lots of young girls were gravitating towards her. Yes, she was still beautiful, blue-eyed and blonde, just like Barbie, but she had lots of other things going for her that went deeper than what was seen above the surface. This is because, unlike Barbie, Elsa was actually a fully fleshed out character as played in the movie with real emotions and human qualities such as fear, love, loneliness, vulnerability and so forth that made it easier for girls to be drawn and feel attached to her. Elsa, unlike many other Disney princesses, did not have a love interest in the first movie and as such was not one of those cliché characters that are “saved” by a love interest, usually a prince, and as such was a great role model as she wasn’t defined by any love interest as per the folks over at, something that was hard for Barbie to accomplish and as such she eventually lost out.

From the trailer and the information we have gathered so far as far as Frozen 2 is concerned, all of which can be found over at, we know that Elsa is going to be a bit different from what we knew of her in the first movie, with the same applying to her appearance. First off, the first thing we notice from the trailer is that she has a new dress on, which is a departure from the light blue outfits we saw her in previously. She can now be seen wearing a purple dress which will definitely have an impact as far as the Elsa vs Barbie battle is concerned down the road when her doll hits the shelves. There are those that are speculating that the switch to purple was as a result of her now being the Queen of Arendelle since the color purple is usually associated with royalty, as is revealed in discussions over at the excellent The royalty angle, will probably make her even more popular than she was first time round as it is safe to say all girls see themselves as queens and as such Barbie will definitely have her work cut out for her if she is to compete.

Another thing that has influenced Elsa’s costume in Frozen 2 is due to the fact, as per, she seems to be prepping herself for a major challenge that is coming her way in the movie. To reflect that, apart from the color change, her costume has taken on more of a royal snowflake design which goes really well with her cape and which gives her a more serious and mature tone. It is safe to say that from what we have seen from the trailer, her new costume is set to be quite the hit when her merchandise hits the shelves later this year. The more serious, mature do, is something the creators of Barbie have been trying to achieve in the last couple of years, to varying degrees of success and it appears that they are about to be blown out of the water by Elsa’s new look in Frozen 2. As per the gurus over at, Elsa will also be keeping her classic blonde hairdo, which was very popular the first time around and which definitely tipped the scales her way in the Elsa vs Barbie battle; we definitely can’t wait to see how things unfold this time round with the release of Frozen 2 just 2 months away.

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