Frozen 2: Anna and Elsa’s Parents

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Frozen 2: Anna and Elsa’s Parents

Whenever holiday season kicks in, there are a number of things that kick into high-gear from gifting, travelling and going to the movies to watch your favorite movie releases of the holiday season. This is why we always have a number of blockbusters penciled in for official releases during the holiday period, with many people hoping that their favorite characters will make a return to the movie screens during this period. For the fans of Frozen, then this holiday season will be the stuff of dreams as Frozen 2 is set to arrive in theaters on November 22nd, 6 years after the release of the original Frozen, as is discussed in detail over at This is something that fans have been calling for and they seem to have gotten their way, with Disney breaking with tradition and actually releasing a sequel to one of their blockbuster releases, something they are usually not inclined to do. We can’t wait to be reacquainted once again with Anna and Elsa as well as their friends Olaf and Kristoff as they embark on an adventure or two to the Enchanted Lands north of Arendelle. However, as has been revealed in the trailer and as covered in detail over at, Frozen 2 will mostly be about discovering the origins of Elsa’s powers as well as why she was chosen to have them or if she was born with her powers or not etcetera. Therefore, the only logical way to get to the bottom of these questions as far as Elsa and Anna are concerned is through their parents. This article will look to go deeper into what we know so far about them and their role in Froze 2.

The twist that most people are speculating on as far as Frozen 2 is concerned, apart from whether or not Elsa will have a girlfriend of course, is if Anna and Elsa’s parents are actually still alive. You may remember, and if you don’t you can head over to the excellent for a refresher, that in the original Frozen, at the very beginning, Anna and Elsa’s parents die at sea. This was what made us fall in love with Anna and Elsa as we watched them grow together from lonely, orphaned kids to the saviors of the kingdom. However, from the information we have gathered so far, especially from the trailer, Anna and Elsa’s parents may actually be still alive. The very first clue, as seen in the trailer, which may go to show this to be the case is the fact that we see Elsa taking on the beast that was responsible for her parents’ death, as can be seen in the trailer over at the excellent There may be a number of reasons behind this, but most people think that the reason why she is seen taking on the waves, which bear a resemblance to the ones that swept her parents to see long ago, is so that she can save her parents who may actually still be alive.

Another part of the trailer that seems to hint that Anna and Elsa’s parents could still be alive is when Pabbie the Troll tells Elsa that the past may not be what it seems and that she should find the truth and also ends up instructing her to go north and across the Enchanted Lands. As per the subject matter experts over at, this has been interpreted as Pabbie actually knowing that Anna and Elsa’s parents may still be alive and that the two daughters need to head north and find them, especially when you take into account the cryptic reference to the past. The urgency in Pabbie’s voice has also been noted and it is has been put forward as more evidence that the Queen Iduna and King Agnarr may actually still be alive. We also see a woman and man show up in the trailer, who are also the subject of much speculation as far as Frozen is concerned. As is covered in detail over at, while there are those that are speculating that the woman may be Elsa’s girlfriend, there are those that the two could actually be Ann and Elsa’s parents, especially since the woman appears to have magical powers proving that she may be related to Elsa in some way.

We will soon find out the fate of Anna and Elsa’s parents and whether they are dead or actually still alive. One thing is for sure, as is covered in detail over at the highly regarded, that Frozen 2 is mostly about getting to know the origin of Elsa’s powers and to that regard, her parents seem to be the ones that are well placed to answer most of the questions that she may have, and that is why there is a high chance they are still alive. If we find more information on this, then you will be the first one to know by heading over to

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