Frozen 2 and Tarzan Connection

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Frozen 2 and Tarzan Connection

There is a theory that has been doing the rounds for a while now, known as the Disney Shared Universe theory, which is covered in detail over at the excellent, and which states that most if not all Disney blockbusters have actually been set in what is the same expanded universe and continuity. This is not something that is restricted to Disney alone as it is something we have seen when it comes to many large media companies where fans have argued that their productions are actually set in an expanded universe, as is the case with Pixar. This may be or may not be true, although there is no denying that Disney movies have a lot of similarities and connections in their various characters of their many animated movies in terms of design and so forth. Those who think like this will point to the many crossovers, such as when Rapunzel appears in the original Frozen movie linking the blockbuster with Tangled. We have seen fans trying to connect various films to the same extended universe, finding connections, which I’m sure most of you have at one time or the other. It is therefore not a surprise to find out that Frozen 2 is no exception in that regard as there are all sorts of theories out there trying to connect it with numerous other films, as is discussed in detail over at One of the most intriguing connections out there is the one connecting Frozen 2 with Tarzan. The theory connecting Frozen with Tarzan has been there for a while now and the imminent release of Frozen 2 has only gone to provide more evidence for those who support this theory. This article will look to take a closer look at this Frozen 2, Tarzan connection.

First off, before we get into the connection between Frozen 2 and Tarzan connection it is prudent to highlight the Tarzan theory. We all know, from the original Frozen movie and as is discussed over at, that Anna and Elsa’s parents were shipwrecked on their way to an important engagement, which most fans think is the wedding between Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert, and that is how the two sisters lose their parents in the first movie. The thing is, this is quite similar to the beginning of Tarzan which begins with a married couple getting caught in a storm and being shipwrecked, although the two survive; which has fuelled talk that Anna and Elsa’s parents may actually still be alive, as is covered over at The married couple in Tarzan make it out of the wreckage and find themselves in Africa, where the film is set, and where they live in a treehouse and give birth to a son, Tarzan. Given that Rapunzel’s kingdom of Corona is actually south of Arendelle, then the theory that Anna and Elsa’s parents were on the way to Rapunzel’s wedding before being taken off course by the storm to Africa actually holds water and therefore provides one connection between the two franchises.

Now to the trailer of Frozen 2 where fans claim to have seen lots of interesting pieces of information that actually prove there is a connection between Frozen 2 and Tarzan. As per the gurus over at, the first bit of connection is where the rock troll is warning Elsa that the past may not be as it seems in the trailer which has been interpreted to be linked with the source of Elsa’s powers. While Tarzan has no powers, the fact that he can be able to speak to both humans and animals has been interpreted by some as being a result of residual magic and could show a link with Elsa, given that magic appears to be inherited, and as such both could be sharing a parent. This is why, they argue, Anna appears to possess no powers although she can survive being frozen alive. The similarities between Anna and Tarzan, the link with Elsa and the troll from the trailer and the fact that it is warned in there that powers may manifest themselves in different ways, as is covered in detail over, is one way fans think that Frozen 2 is connected with Tarzan.

Another connection between Frozen 2 and Tarzan is seen in the trailer where Elsa is seen plunging beneath the waves and comes face to face with a magical underwater horse known as Nokk as is covered in detail over at This has led to folks speculating that this mythical creature may have been the one that created the storm that led to the capsizing of Anna and Elsa’s parents which was also the case for Tarzan’s parents. There are those that argue that Nokk may have punished Anna and Elsa’s parents for doing something to grant Elsa her powers and they were then banished to Africa, away from their lives of luxury befitting of the royalty they were. The similarities between Anna and Tarzan, as mentioned above and discussed in detail over at is yet another connection between Frozen 2 and Tarzan especially since both appear to be quite resilient surviving very tough situations.

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