Frozen 2 and Jack Frost Connection

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Frozen 2 and Jack Frost Connection

We have all done it at one point or the other and that is to find linkages and connections of the various movies of a big production company. We have done it with Pixar movies for the longest and the same applies with Disney movies such as Frozen. This actually doesn’t only apply to animated movies alone as there is nothing out there that is more exciting than crossover episodes where you favorite characters all come together. Folks have argued for the longest that Disney movies are actually linked closely together and that they are set in one big expanded universe, as is discussed in detail by the gurus over at This is why it is so exciting to see our favorite characters from one franchise cross over and make an appearance over at one of our other favorite franchises as was the case when Rapunzel made an appearance in the first Frozen movie. There is no denying that the first Frozen movie was a big hit, and it was arguably Disney’s biggest animated film, grossing remarkable numbers in the global box office. Since then, we have all been waiting and hoping that Disney will give us a sequel and when they finally agreed, the excitement levels ramped up even more. As we await the release, you can’t blame us for trying to connect it with our other favorite blockbusters, given that we have had to wait for 6 years since the first movie came out. One of the movies where fans see a connection is the DreamWorks animation Rise of the Guardians, which is discussed in detail over at and especially when it comes to Jack Frost. This article will therefore to dig deeper into this and find out if there is a connection between Frozen 2 and Jack Frost.

First off, we are going to take a look at the connection between Frozen 2 and Jack Frost by taking a look at how the he compares to Frozen 2’s main character, Elsa. One of the major similarities between the two is how they are both very protective and loving when it comes to their siblings, with the relationship between Elsa and her sister Anne being covered in detail over at Both would do, and have done, anything to protect their sister as we have seen Elsa isolate herself in order to protect her sister from her powers and we have also seen Jack dive into an icy river to save his sister. The ice theme is yet another areas where we see a connection between Elsa and Jack Frost, and by extension Frozen 2 and Jack Frost. This is because while Jack Frost is closely and greatly associated with ice, even his name says it all, Elsa’s powers are winter powers which makes the connection between them natural. In fact, there are those that were speculating that the two could become an item in Frozen 2, although as is covered in detail over at, calls to give Elsa a girlfriend are stronger.

Another connection between the two actually goes back even before the original Frozen movie was released when fans tried to link Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Jack Frost together and they came up with various ways to do this, including using the four seasons. As is covered in detail over at, Merida represented summer, Hiccup autumn, Rapunzel Spring and Jack Frost represented winter, for obvious reasons. This fandom fell away a bit over the years, especially as more movies came out and it became difficult to fit all of our favorite characters into 4 seasons, especially when the first Frozen movie came out and folks were trying to fit in Elsa and Anna. However, all this has been ignited by the imminent release of Frozen 2. The Brave-Tangled-Frozen-Dragons fandom, as it was known, is well and truly resurrected and we are seeing more and more people comment on it on social media as is discussed over at This is yet another area where we see a connection between Jack Frost and Frozen 2.

Another area where fans are claiming a connection between Frozen 2 is when it comes to those that claim that Jack may actually be Anna and Elsa’s mom long lost brother. As is revealed in discussions over at, the fact that Jack Frost and Queen Iduna have the same eye and hair color as well as a hair style that is very similar is what has led to people believing this. The fact that both Elsa and Jack Frost have powers is yet more proof they are related since powers are usually genetically inherited, which lends itself to the theory that Queen Iduna and Jack Frost are siblings in fact. The timelines between the two movies, as is explained over at is yet another thing that has been used to show that the two may actually be related providing more connections between the two.

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