Frozen 2 and Brave Connection

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Frozen 2 and Brave Connection

We all know the drill, when the trailer of a movie we are eagerly waiting for comes out, we watch it over and over again to help us find out what to expect from the movie. It is even worse for a sequel like Frozen where you will find yourself trying to figure out which characters have changed, in personality, in appearance and so forth and which ones will be returning, which ones won’t and if there are any new characters to look forward to, with all this topics covered in detail over at as far as Frozen 2 is concerned. This is precisely what most of us did once the official trailer for Frozen 2 came out as we poured through it with a toothcomb trying to dig out any sort of information we could. The problem is, the trailer was quite short, didn’t give away too much about what to expect and for majority of us fans of the franchise it was basically just the extension of the teaser which means we were unable to dig up any new information. This has led to fans coming up with a number of theories, some of which venture outside of the movie itself and extends to other movies such Brave as per the gurus over at the excellent You may be wondering why folks would connect these two dots; what with Frozen 2 being a Disney movie and Brave being from Pixar, but the fact that they are both from the parent company is what most people are latching onto. This article will therefore look to take a closer look at this Frozen 2 and Brave connection and see if the theory has any legs to it.

The first bit where fans have noticed a connection between Frozen 2 and Brave is when it comes to the standing stones that can be seen in the trailer. If you can remember in Brave, and as is covered in detail over at, there were similar stones that played a very important role in the movie from influencing the horse of Merida and making it afraid of them and the fact that the blue light, which is key to breaking the curse, appears once the stones land. If you then look at the stones in Frozen 2, they seem eerily similar, almost as if the two films are set in the same universe which is something eagle-eyed fans have been quick to point out. The only difference is that, while the stones in Brave are arranged in a circle, those in Frozen 2 are arranged in some sort of a row as is covered over at However, as was the case in Brave, these stones would appear to play an important role in Frozen 2 as they seem to be the ones that provide the entrance to the enchanted land. This is one of the biggest connection as it seems that the stones will play a big role in Frozen 2 just like they did in Brave.

Another area where fans have been quick to point out that there is in fact a connection between Frozen 2 and Brave is when you take a look at the poster, as can be seen over at It is difficult to argue with this as the two posters do look quite similar especially if you compare their two backgrounds. This is because, both these posters have tall trees in the background. If you take a look at the Brave poster, you will notice that Merida is standing in front of what appears to be a forest given the tall trees and there seems to be a lot of fog behind her. This is quite similar to what can be seen in the Frozen 2 poster since, and you can check this out over at, here you can see that Anna and Elsa are standing in front of what also appears to be a forest given the trees in the background and there is also fog just as was the case in the poster for Brave.

Given that, as per the gurus over at, we have learned that Anna and Elsa’s parents will be making a comeback in Frozen 2, the fact that the two sisters will be learning about and bonding with their mother is yet another connection it has with Brave, where if you can remember, it was mostly about the bond between mother and Merida. Fans have also been quick to point out that it seems that Frozen 2 will be set in autumn, from what we have seen from the trailer, and this provides yet another bit of connection between Frozen and Brave since Merida in the later was part of the big 4 by the fans where she represented autumn as covered over at With all these connections, there are those that are actually speculating that Merida could be Elsa’s new girlfriend in Frozen 2. Optimistic, but we can hope, can we? Guess we will find out conclusively one way or the other when the movie is officially released on November 22nd.

Don’t forget to head over to the excellent and for more information on this and other related topics, including everything on Frozen 2 as we await its release later this year.