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Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items

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Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items

Given that Fire Emblem Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game, and one of the most popular ones at that, it is much more than just about tactics and battles and leading your team into the battlefield as per the gurus over at runrex.com. The relationships you build with the characters in the game are just as important as it is just as important to raise the level and rank of the bond you have with the various characters you interact with in the game. There are of course a number of avenues and routes you can explore as far as this is concerned, from tea parties to giving out gifts and flowers; and for purposes of this article, through lost items. We don’t want to appear to be saying anything bad about the characters in the game, especially those in the Garreg Mach Monastery, but it seems they are absolutely unable to keep hold of their belongings. This is why you will be able to find lots of lost items within the monastery which you can be able to collect and then track down the rightful owners and hand it back to them. During the exploration stage, which is the stage in which you will be walking around the monastery as you explore it, you can make use of this opportunity to look around for these lost items. This article will therefore be of great help as it will look to highlight all there is to know about lost items in the game.

Apart from the fact that they are found all over the monastery, another thing that we should note about these lost items is that they emit a glowing blue light and you can use this fact about them to locate them. All you have to do is look for any glowing blue items, which can either be seen as dots or loots, and you will have found a lost item. This makes finding them easy although it is worth noting that there are lost items that are quite hidden and quite difficult to find so you will need to keep a keen eye. Another thing you should note about lost items in the game is that each of them has a description that comes with them and which will give you a clue as to who the owner is, something the subject matter experts over at runrex.com are quick to point out. You can therefore correlate the description that comes with these lost items with what you know about the various characters in the game from the various information sources such as their description on your menu as well as the information you gather when talking to them.

Another piece of information that you should know about lost items in the game is that they time-sensitive. This means that they will only spawn at the right times during the calendar in the game and will only available within this window. The good thing about them though, is that although they are time-sensitive, you will not miss out on them completely if you don’t grab them during the window that they will be available in the month as they will spawn once again the next month. So, make sure you are thorough when exploring each month to ensure you get all of the lost items that are there to be found. Once you locate these items, ensure you hand them over to the right owner so as to ensure that you boost your support levels with them. This will enable you to grow your relationship with them, which is essential, as the subject matter experts over at runrex.com explain, as the stronger your relationship with them is, the stronger the help they will offer you in battle. A strong relationship also is of great help in romance as it will help you in gaining a romantic partner.

No matter how good you think you are at the game, it is impossible to be able to link each one of the lost items to the various characters in the game and do so correctly, which is why it is important to do your research as to which lost item belongs to who. You could still try to hand over a lost item to a character if you have a gut feeling it is theirs, even if you may not be sure, but you should keep in mind that if the item is not theirs, they will not accept it. Another thing worth noting about lost items as per the subject matter experts over at runrex.com, is that there are lost items out there which may have to sit in your inventory for small period of time before you can look to hand it over to the owner. Other restrictions that you may encounter as far as lost items go is that you may find that there are times where, due to restrictions around houses, you won’t be able to return the lost items in question unless you recruit the character who is the owner to your house.

For a conclusive and exhaustive list of all the lost items and the character each of them belongs to, ensure you head over to runrex.com, where you will also find all the information you may need about the game, Fire Emblem Three Houses, if you are looking to get started with it.