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Fire Emblem Three Houses Gift Guide

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Fire Emblem Three Houses Gift Guide

When playing the Fire Emblem Three Houses game, increasing your support level and rank with characters in the game is key to your success as far as this is concerned. There are a number of ways you can be able to do this, such as through Tea Parties, an element  of the game that is covered in detail over at runrex.com. Among these ways to raise support levels is through handing gifts to the characters. Just as is the case in real life where the people that hand you gifts are among your favorite ones, handing out gifts to characters is an excellent way to raise support levels with them and at the same time increasing that particular character’s motivation. It is important to understand that this game is not all about battles and tactics and leading your house into glory in the battlefield. Fire Emblem Three Houses has a huge array of characters which means that establishing and building relationships with these characters is just as important when playing the game. Gift giving in the game however is not as simple as it seems and there is a lot about it that you need to be aware of. To help with this, this article will look to highlight all there is to know about gifts in the game in what we hope will be the gift guide you have been looking for.

So how do you get your hands on these precious gifts? Well, as you play the game, you will be receiving gifts as reward for completing quests and competitions. You can use this route to amass gifts, which you can then hand out to the characters as gifts. There are a number of people you can carry favor with by using these gifts such as students, soldiers and so many others which goes to show the importance of gifts in the game. The trick as far as gifts in the game goes is handing out gifts for the best possible reward and to do so, as per the subject matter experts over at runrex.com, is to leverage the “Clearing the Way” quest that becomes active in part 1 of the game. By completing this quest, you will unlock two merchants, the Southern and Eastern merchant, from whom you can be able to buy a wide selection of gifts that you can then give to the various characters in the game. To summarize then, you can either collect gifts through completing quests or you could unlock the two merchants and then buy them from them. however, it is worth noting that one is limited to buying one gift each month.

Next we are going to look at how one can benefit from this gifts. When it comes to students in the game, giving them gifts increases your connection with them which will be of great benefit to you in battle or when it comes to romance. The same applies to every other character in the game. It is therefore worth noting that you need to know exactly what each character likes as far as gifts are concerned as for the best effect, you will need to hand out the right gifts to the right characters. Giving a character the right gift for them will raise your stats with them and hence increase your bond with them. While specific gifts are right for specific characters, there are some gifts such as Ancient Coin, that work for multiple characters. We are going to start with Black Eagles where it is worth noting that you can only give gifts to Edelgard and Hubert if you are in the Black Eagles faction.  Edelgard for example has the Owl Feather as her favorite gift with her dislikes being a sword, statue, ceremonial and goddess, with every more on the preferred gifts as far as black eagles gift are concerned being found over at runrex.com.

When it comes to blue lions, Dimitri for instance has riding boots, owl feathers as well as weapons and training gifts as his favorite gifts while Dedue prefers gardening things and the ever popular flowers. Annette on the other hand prefers stylish hair clips as well as owl feathers. She however dislikes hunting daggers, ceremonial swords and coffee beans and if you hand her these gifts, while she may accept them you will get zero points. Another member of the blue lions’ faction, Mercedes, prefers tasty baked treats, gemstone beads, the goddess statue, armored bear as well as owl feather while her dislikes are riding boots, ancient coins and whetstone. You can read more on blue lions gifts over at runrex.com  with the same applying for golden deer gifts as well as gifts for staff and teachers. What is worth noting as far as gifts are concerned is that while any gift will give you a boost, handing out favorite gifts will give you the maximum boost; handing out gifts that a character dislikes will however get you no points.

Remember, you should head over to the ever reliable runrex.com for a much more detailed rundown of the various characters and their favorite gifts as well as those they dislike.