Best Place to Sell Anime Figures: Why is the Best

Best Place to Sell Anime Figures: Why is the Best 704 386 Tony Guo

Best Place to Sell Anime Figures: Why is the Best

If you own anime figures and are looking to shift some of your figures either to make some extra money or just make some room at your place, then finding a place to sell them is usually the challenge. There are lots of places where you can sell your anime figures, notably on eBay. The problem with these sites is that they are bidding-type sites which means that you will only make as much from your anime figures as the interested parties are willing to pay. If your anime figures don’t generate any interest, then you are likely to get stuck with them or end up selling them at a throwaway price. Finding a place where you simply send your anime figures and get paid cash is not that easy, which is where the highly-rated comes in, and this article will look to highlight why it is the best place to sell anime figures.

One of the main reasons why is the best place to sell anime figures is because you will get the option of receiving straight cash for your anime figures. This is important as many other such establishments only offer store credit in exchange for anime figures, which is something that not everyone is usually looking for, although this option is still available for you if you are so inclined. The process of selling your anime at this store is pretty straightforward which is another reason to sell your anime figures there. All you have to do is fill out a form provided which reveals details about the figure you are looking to sell as well as your preliminary quote. You will then be told to ship it to the store however you like, and once it gets to the store, it will be inspected and you will receive a final quote. If you accept the final quote, your money will be sent to you as soon as possible and the process is complete.

First of all, the fact that the owner and staff over at are huge anime enthusiasts means that you will always get a good offer from the establishment as the owner will never move to stick it to fellow members of the anime community. This is why the store will strive to propose a final quote that is acceptable and fair, ensuring that customers don’t feel backed into a corner. Secondly, given that the staff there are highly knowledgeable about matters anime means that they appreciate the value your anime figures have to you. They know that selling your figures must have been a difficult decision and will never try and make things even more difficult for you by quoting you a derisory offer. It is for these reasons that you can expect to extract as much value as possible from your valuable anime figures when you sell them to this establishment. The store also transacts through various payment methods, which means that whichever your preference is, you will get your money that way. This means that whether you prefer to be paid via a check or through PayPal, you will be accommodated, which is another feather in this establishment’s cap. You will get a quote for your figures within 1 to 3 business days for each figure, which means that you will only have to wait a relatively short amount of time before getting a reply. If for whatever reason the store is unable to accept your figures, you will also be informed pronto to ensure that you don’t remain in limbo.

If you are unsure about how you need to package your figures so that they don’t get damaged when shipping them, then worry no more as once you accept the initial quote, the experts over at will give you detailed instructions on how to pack and ship your figures. Shipping costs will, however, be your responsibility. On a related note, if when you receive the final quote after your anime figures are inspected you change your mind and don’t want to sell them, or some of them, anymore, the store will ensure that they get you the best shipping price they can to ship the figures back to you, with the same applying if they are unable to accept some of your figures. You will also be provided with the option of having any of your unacceptable figures to figure collectors to ensure that your figures find a new home if you are so inclined. This store has both a figure grading and box grading scale, both of which will help them grade your anime figures and come up with the final quote. The grading scales are fair and follow the standards that are used by many such stores and you can learn more about the same by checking out their website. There are also guidelines that articulate instances where the store may not accept your anime figures, details of which you can also get from their website. Some of the reasons that may lead to your anime figures not getting accepted include if your figures have missing parts or pieces or if they are broken, among others.

From the discussion above, it is easy to see why is the best place to sell anime figures, and if you are looking to sell yours, then check them out and they will find a new home for your anime figures.