15 Tips: Best Jobs When in High School

15 Tips: Best Jobs When in High School 678 385 Tony Guo

15 Tips: Best Jobs When in High School

As a high school student, if you find the right part-time job that still allows you to get to school on time, maintain solid grades, as well as participate in school activities, then it could set you up for success. This is because, as outlined over at runrex.com, universities, and colleges are always looking for well-rounded students, and if you hold a part-time job as a high school student, it demonstrates drive, determination, and perseverance which will help your chances of being accepted into your university or college of choice. This article will look to list 15 of the best jobs for high school students through the following tips.

  • Babysitting

This is one of the most popular jobs for many high school students, as it allows you to work on Friday and Saturday evenings most of the time, leaving the week open to ensure that you can concentrate on your schoolwork and complete your homework. To give yourself an edge, the gurus over at guttulus.com recommend that you get CPR-certified, with The Red Cross offering an intensive course of training for babysitters.

  • Animal shelter worker

This is for the high school students who have a love for animals, and who don’t have any related allergies. You will get to spend time with the animals, feeding them and cleaning out their cages, with this being an excellent part-time job for any high school student who wants to become a veterinarian. It is worth pointing out that it may not always be fun and games as you may have to do some difficult jobs like euthanizing sick animals, something you should prepare for.

  • Car wash attendant

Another job worth considering as a high school student is working as a car wash attendant, something you can do if you live in a warm climate or only work during the warmer months of the year. According to the folks over at runrex.com, the best part of this job is that it will keep you busy most of the time which means that you won’t ever be bored at work.

  • Grocery store employee

There are many jobs at a grocery store that a high school student can do part-time like bagging groceries, stocking shelves, operating the cash register, or even working as the cleaner mopping the floors. Some of the perks of working as a grocery store employee include short shifts, schedule flexibility, and merchandise discounts.

  • Landscaper or lawn care

Another popular job for high school students is working as a landscaper or doing lawn care part-time. as covered over at guttulus.com, here you will get to mow lawns, trim hedges, and any other landscaping work. You can then transition to shoveling snow from driveways in the winter.

  • Pizza delivery

If you have already got your driving license and have a good driving record, then you can get a job delivering pizzas. This job may not pay that much, but you will get the opportunities to receive tips, while also giving you a level of autonomy such as listening to your music while working and driving your own vehicle.

  • Packing and moving services

You can also get work helping people who cannot afford to hire a full-service moving company as discussed over at runrex.com. Here, you can check if any of the locally based packing and moving services need extra help, particularly during the weekends.

  • Personal assistant services

You can also work as a personal assistant, helping with errands such as walking dogs, wrapping gifts, picking up the grocery, and so forth. You can put up flyers in your neighborhood letting people there know that you are providing personal assistant services at a reasonable price. The more trust you gain as far as your customers go, the more responsibilities you will be given, leading to more money for you.

  • Restaurant server

You should also consider working as part of a restaurant wait staff if you are looking for part-time work as a high school student. As is outlined in discussions on the same over at guttulus.com, while you may occasionally encounter some difficult customers, with the shifts not being the best either, you will learn some valuable life skills dealing with customers, and will also benefit from perks such as discounted or free meals during shifts as well as tips.

  • Tutor

You can also work as a tutor for younger kids like juniors and those in middle school, among others, including classmates. You can either take advantage of online or corporate tutoring entities or could offer your services as a private tutor with more personal experience, with this being an excellent job if you enjoy helping others learn.

  • Warehouse distribution job

If you are strong enough and don’t mind using some muscle, then you should consider these jobs which involve loading and unloading inventory in warehouses and distribution centers. As explained over at runrex.com, given that these jobs usually have an evening schedule, then it means that it will fit perfectly with your schedule as a student.

  • Ice cream scooper

As an ice cream scooper, your job will be to take orders, give out samples of different ice cream flavors as well as prepare orders for customers. Such opportunities are available at ice cream parlors or restaurants, with benefits including tips and free ice cream which none of us will turn down.

  • Barista

Yet another job to consider as a high school student is working as a barista at a coffee shop. The perks of working as a barista include free or discounted coffee, free unsold items such as pastries, with other companies also offering tuition-assistance programs to employees as covered over at guttulus.com.

  • Lifeguard

This is one of the coolest jobs for any high school student, although it also comes with lots of responsibility as you will be required to supervise aquatic activities, making sure swimmers are following pool safety rules while also responding to any emergencies that may occur. You have to be at least 15 years old by the time training is completed to qualify as a lifeguard.

  • Front desk receptionist

As a receptionist, your duties will be to answer phone calls, greet and welcome clients as well as perform administrative tasks like setting up appointments. You can work at various types of businesses from gyms to a dentist’s or doctor’s office. This job will help you gain important customer service skills as well as the experience of working in an office setting which will help you in the future.

These are some of the jobs that you can get as a high school student, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at the ever-reliable runrex.com and guttulus.com.