10 Ways to Tell Better Stories and Why You Should Care

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10 Ways to Tell Better Stories and Why You Should Care

As we have repeatedly said, marketing and advertising is a must for any business out there that has any designs on getting success and outdoing competitors. There are a lot of ways through which one can engage in marketing, as we all know, with content marketing being one of them. However, with social media platforms and so many other platforms where one can leverage their content being full of content, the attention span of users is shortening by the day. Sometimes you may have excellent content but you find that you still unable to make any inroads as far as reaching and engaging your audience is concerned. It is important that, when you are looking to tell your stories to your audience, you form some sort of connection with them. This article will look to help with that by highlighting 10 ways one can be able to tell better stories and get the best out of their content marketing campaigns.

As far as your content marketing is concerned, one of the very first ways to have in mind, one that will help you tell better stories is by ensuring that the hero of your story is your audience. This is important in helping you build a relationship with your audience as you don’t want to focus on you so much, which will only serve to alienate you from your audience. Even when sharing stories about yourself, ensure they resonate with your audience and connect with them.

The next way to ensure you tell better stories is to ensure that you highlight struggles. The way this works is that you highlight some of the problems you sued to have before the product you are advertising came along. You should highlight these struggles in a way that doesn’t dig out your audience making them fell inadequate but in a subtler way. This is a tried and tested method, one you should definitely leverage.

You should also understand where your buyer is in their journey and then tell a story that resonates with them. As is discussed in detail over at runrex.com, the best place to visit for such information, you should be aware whether the buyer is in the Know stage, the Like stage or the Trust stage and tell a story that is relevant to them. You should care about this as if your story doesn’t resonate with your audience, they will check out immediately.

Another great way to tell stories that will allow to tell better stories is by using the available frameworks that are out there, such as The Crossroads Formula for instance. This are tried and tested and help one keep things exciting and do things in a way that is different from the way you normally do things.

The next thing we are going to mention, one that will definitely allow you to tell better stories, is to ensure that your stories evoke emotion. Ensure that the stories you are telling makes want to make time and engage with them even if they don’t have any time to spare. You should take this to mind as stories that don’t evoke emotion are the ones people don’t engage with.

It is important that your stories have visuals, and not just of one kind, as is covered in detail over at runrex.com. visuals are more engaging and will help break up large blocks of text for blogs for example. There are a number of visuals one can use from screenshots with remarks, to graphs and charts, memes and so much more.

Another way through which you can tell stories, one that will enable you to tell better stories is by telling data-driven stories. Data is a great way to grab and keep the attention of your audience, as was evident through Google Trends’ Lookback Campaign, and will help you create content that is engaging as well as trusted. You should always ensure your insights are derived from data so as to be able to build trust with your audience.

Another way of telling stories that will ensure that you tell better stories is by ensuring that your stories are actually practical and not just wasting time and resources; passion should match practicality as they say. You should ensure that your content actually has a chance of being assimilated by your audience, and the reason you should care about this is so as to ensure that you don’t end up wasting time.

Another excellent way to ensure you tell better stories is by telling stories that have some sort of propriety process only you use and know, in getting a certain result. This is an excellent way of telling stories as per the subject matter experts over at runrex.com, as folks will want to listen to your stories as they would want to know about this unique process only you know about.

Another way that will enable you tell better stories is by ensuring that you understand the nuances of each platform your stories are appearing on. Each platform from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram among others is different, and knowing this is important as you don’t want posting stories that don’t marry with the platform they are on.

The above are ways that will allow you to tell better stories, and you should care about them if you want to get any success as far as your content is concerned. There is always more to be learned on this and other topics  by checking out runrex.com, the best place to visit for such information.