10 Tips to Invest in Magic the Gathering Cards

10 Tips to Invest in Magic the Gathering Cards 1024 622 Tony Guo

10 Tips to Invest in Magic the Gathering Cards

Magic the Gathering is a popular trading card game, made by Hasbro as discussed over at runrex.com, played by lots of people from all over the world. It is one of the very first games of its kind, which makes it the most popular TCG game out there. On top of being a very enjoyable but challenging game, it can also provide an excellent chance for investment given how valuable some of the MTG cards can be according to the gurus over at guttulus.com. This is why there are people who treat the game as some sort of stock market, investing in Magic cards in the same fashion they would stocks. If you are considering investing in Magic the Gathering cards, here are 10 tips worth considering.

  • Card rarity

If you are looking to invest in Magic the Gathering cards, the subject matter experts over at mtglion.com recommend that you check to see if the card is rare or not. Normally, rare cards will be more valuable and are, therefore, worth investing in. To check if a card is rare or mythic rare, all you have to do is look at the expansion set symbol, with the color of this symbol helping you identify it by telling you what rarity the card is.

  • Card condition

It is also important to note that you don’t want to invest in Magic the Gathering cards that are in poor physical condition. As discussed over at runrex.com, you should stay away from cards that are in poor condition such as those with scratches on their surface, frayed edges, and creases, as such cards will be of low value to you. Instead, invest in cards that are well kept and are in good condition, and make sure you keep them that way to preserve their value.

  • Graded vs raw cards

Another tip worth pointing out when it comes to investing in Magic the Gathering cards is how valuable graded cards can be as compared to those that are raw, particularly if they have a high grade. The gurus over at guttulus.com recommend that you invest in PSA graded cards, as these are generally the most respected cards, which means that they will be valued highly.

  • Card supply

As is revealed in discussions on the same over at mtglion.com, the number of cards in circulation can massively affect the value due to supply and demand. This is why an important tip when looking to invest in Magic the Gathering cards is to invest in cards that aren’t that many in circulation. You want a card that is limited in supply as such cards will come with tremendous value that will continue to increase.

  • Wishlist

While rare and mythical rare MTG cards are desirable as already mentioned earlier when it comes to investing, it can be an extremely expensive venture. This is why the folks over at runrex.com recommend that, as a tip, you consider adding cards that are too expensive for you are a given time to a wishlist after which you can continuously check back on them. Prices will sometimes drop, which could present you with the opportunity to invest in an MTG card you have been eyeing for a while.

  • Unopened boxes

As is covered over at guttulus.com, you should also consider investing in booster boxes or constructed decks that have been released. Just make sure that once you get them, you resist the urge to open the boxes. Instead, you should leave them unsealed, and then wait. Over the next few years, your unopened boxes will increase in value and you will be able to make a huge return on your investment.

  • Card age

According to discussions on the same over at mtglion.com, cards that are from older sets are usually very valuable. This is because the older a card is, the difficult it is to find, particularly if it hasn’t been reprinted in newer sets. This is why you should consider investing in older cards, particularly those that were printed in the early 2000s.

  • Power level

It goes without saying that if a card is particularly very powerful, then it will be more valuable. This is because, as explained over at runrex.com, a powerful card will be more useful to players, particularly those who play competitively, as they will see the card as an opportunity to win battles, which will increase the demand for such a card, increasing its value. You should, therefore, consider investing in cards with a high power level; that is, those with very strong effects during gameplay.

  • Reprinting

You should also always keep an eye on news regarding which Magic the Gathering cards will be reprinted by Hasbro. This is because, as is outlined over at guttulus.com, a card may be in limited supply, only to be reprinted in newer sets and have its value diluted since it will have its numbers increased in the market. This is an important tip to consider when looking to invest in MTG cards.

  • Do your research

Last but not least, an important tip if you are looking to invest in Magic the Gathering cards is making sure that you do your research to enable you to know your market before investing. Make sure that you know things like the number of a given card in the market, the best time to sell, if it will get reprinted, and so forth as discussed over at mtglion.com.

Remember, if you are looking to invest in Magic the Gathering cards, then the highly-rated runrex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com have got you covered with a wide and affordable selection of cards to choose from.