10 Tips to Invest in Football Cards

10 Tips to Invest in Football Cards 1024 623 Tony Guo

10 Tips to Invest in Football Cards

For lovers of football, collecting football cards is a fun and great hobby to have as it brings you closer to your favorite players and teams. It can also be a very worthwhile investment according to the subject matter experts over at runrex.com. This is because we have seen football cards sell for a huge amount of money and it stands to reason that if you can own the right football cards, you could potentially be sitting on a gold mine. This is why, as discussed over at guttulus.com, collecting football cards has gone from being a fun hobby to a legitimate investment opportunity in the last couple of years. If you are thinking of investing in football cards, then this article will look to help you in your new venture through the following 10 tips.

  • Invest in rookie cards

According to the gurus over at mtglion.com, a player’s rookie cards usually hold more value than their other cards, mainly because whatever happens, a rookie card will always be a rookie card. If the player becomes a huge star, then people will want to buy the first card that was ever printed of them, which is why investing in rookie cards is such a smart thing to do.

  • Invest in complete sets

Card collection is all about completing sets, and most collectors usually try and assemble complete sets and enjoy the challenge that comes with attempting to collect all the cards in a particular set as explained over at runrex.com. This means that if you can invest in complete sets of football cards, you will be in a position to get a high ROI as people will reach out to you in an attempt to acquire complete sets at one go.

  • Invest in autographed cards

Autographed cards, as explained over at guttulus.com, are cards that contain the autograph of the football player. Since the card printing company has to pay to get player autographs, these cards are printed less than regular cards, which means that they are more valuable making them an excellent investment. Remember also, the more popular the player, the more valuable the autographed card will be.

  • Invest in jersey patch cards

Jersey patch cards are cards that come out with a patch of a player’s jersey on them as per discussions on the same over at mtglion.com. Such cards are extremely valuable which is why you should also consider investing in them. It is also worth pointing out that cards with game-used jersey patches are more valuable than those with event-used jersey patches, which is something to consider when looking to invest in jersey patch cards.

  • Invest in error cards

Error cards, as the name suggests and as covered over at runrex.com, are cards with some kind of misprint on them. Such cards can be extremely valuable hence why they are an excellent investment opportunity. While you are unlikely to find too many error cards nowadays due to improved quality control, there are still some to be found in the market, particularly vintage cards, which you should invest in where possible.

  • Invest in vintage cards

Speaking of vintage cards, the gurus over at guttulus.com point out how investing in vintage cards is an excellent investment. For starters, due to the cards’ age, you are unlikely to find too many of them in the market which means that they come in high demand hence are highly valuable. Vintage cards also feature football pioneers who have already cemented their place as icons on the gridiron and their value is pretty much cemented as well.

  • Don’t ignore modern cards

While some like to avoid cards of current football players as they fear that their value may be impacted by form, injury, and other factors, it is worth investing in the right ones. As is explained over at mtglion.com, investing in modern cards can be an excellent decision as the recent excitement around card collection has been driven up by excitement around current players. Investing in the right players is key though. You can never go wrong with players such as Patrick Mahomes, Russel Wilson, Tom Brady, and many others.

  • Go for graded cards

The subject matter experts over at runrex.com also recommend that you consider investing in graded cards over “raw” cards. This is because graded cards have been graded for quality, and although they are expensive, they are worth it as they come with more value, which should go up over time as well. Whenever possible, you should always spend that little bit more to acquire graded football cards if you want to get a high ROI.

  • Invest in PSA graded cards

As explained over at guttulus.com, grading companies are the ones that are responsible for evaluating the condition of cards, with PSA, BGS, and SGC being the most commonly known. Of these three, PSA is the major one right now which is why you should invest in PSA graded football cards as these are the ones that are generally the most respected and higher valued, with the holy grail being to invest in PSA 10 graded football cards.

  • Consider card population

The principle of supply and demand plays a huge role as far as investing in football cards is concerned as discussed over at mtglion.com. You want to invest in football cards that are not in high circulation in the market. If you invest in PSA graded cards as pointed out above, then you can head over to the PSA website for population reports that will tell you the population of each of the cards in your possession. While scarcity doesn’t always lead to a high value, if the card is of a well-known player, plays for a highly-recognizable team, and has huge potential, then you can be sure that it will be extremely valuable.

These are just some of the tips to consider if you are looking to invest in football cards, with more on this very wide topic to be found over at the highly-rated runrex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com